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Horace Adversity Paper

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Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant; this intriguing quote from roman poet Horace is a very candid way of describing the world we live in today. Representing the true facts of life this wonderful quote tells of the lessons and impacts on a life from the hardships that lie in the past of every person to walk the earth. This quote is inspiring, uplifting, and so very true as it challenges ways of thinking and feeling making the very strong point that unless you make it through the hard times you will never hold a full grasp of your inner strength.

When someone goes through troubled times, it is unlikely they will understand why such a thing has happened to them. Often one looks at the negative time in their lives as just that and nothing more, when in reality these tough times are what leads to most happier times, unfortunately as one encounters happier times the harder times are out of mind and not considered to have any effect on the times experienced now. One must remember if it were not for the bad, the good would have never found light. The fact of the matter is you must push through if rain is not experienced the sun cannot be appreciated.

As a matter of fact, my personal experience proves this quotes accuracy; recently I have been in a new school extremely different from the world I am used to. You see, my old school was in the country as my new school is in the city with opposite demographics and a much faster pace. The first day I spent in this new place was completely terrifying and I left traumatized when lunch ended. I could have never imagined the things I would encounter in a new place such as this; where I come from I was a majority and now I am a minority.

By the time the second day arrived, I was terribly upset and I cried my eyes out, begging my mother not to leave me at the school, however my mother felt me leaving the school after only half a day would only teach me I could run away from new and scary situations. As my mother kissed my forehead and told me to make it a great day, a passing teacher felt pity on me and walked me to class with tears running down my face. When I got to home room I felt a little more at ease and my day slowly looked up until lunch came around and my tears surfaced again, feeling alone and disliked I began again to doubt my decision to attend this school. After a few minutes a young woman named Kiara came to sit with me and soon a senior named Latasha, who I met on orientation, came with all of her friends to eat lunch with me. Every person that accompanied her welcomed me to APR with open arms. I honestly feel that no person in that group could perceive how wonderful they made me feel. That little bit of kindness changed my whole outlook of this challenge before me.

When my third day of school rolled around I felt considerably less misery as I made a few friends, but still questioned if I would ever



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