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Hostel Life Experience 2011 (part1)

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Essay Preview: Hostel Life Experience 2011 (part1)

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June 25, 2011

Hostel life experience 2011 (Part1)

By Chie Yoshimune

Starting on January 12, 2011, I traveled to Hawaii by myself, and lived in a hostel in the Lemon Road on the Waikiki beach by the Zoo, and Capiolani Park on the beach. I spent my stay on Waikiki beach in the hostel and met many interesting people, and spend incredibly wonderful days.

It was not like a previous trip of mine to Hawaii, when I went on a tour and joined other tourists for optional tours, etc. It was good, too, but living in a hostel was very interesting this time.

On the day I arrived, there was a rainstorm. So, when I got to the hostel, there was a lot of rain and wind, and in the morning, I was still not allowed to enter the rooms and I waited in the place where they have breakfast and barbecue, etc. in a kind of a garage, where there is no walls. It is kind of a half outside, and half inside, because there is a roof. It is the first floor of the building of the Polynesian Beach Club hostel.

Since I brought two of my computers to do work, while I spend my days in the hostel, I soon opened up my computer and started to connect to the Internet with wi-fi of the hostel. It worked fine.

Then, after I was allowed to the hostel, I went to the room I was assigned, room 201, and entered a large room with four bunk beds. I was able to choose whichever I wanted. In the room, there were two girls and one boy, and they were speaking in French and German, and English, switching the languages back and forth. I found out later that one girl was a French, the other girl was Spanish, and one guy was a Swiss, with his first language was German.

I joined their conversation, and introduced myself as a Japanese. I tried to use my very preliminary French to introduce myself and used just a little bit of German. The French girl and Spanish girl were teaching their native languages in the same University in Oregon (Portland or somewhere), and traveling together. (Con



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