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Eng 11 - Self Life Experience

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Prof. Liss

Eng 11

Final copy 4/2011

Self Life Experience

My life changing experience happened when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I had argued with the doctor that they must have made a mistake. So, the nurse set me up with everything I needed and made appointments. The doctor even questioned me if I was going to keep it. "Wow", I thought. I'm still trying to register the news and her she is asking me the most offensive question. I didn't expect that so my response to her was going to be upsetting. "Of course I'm going to keep it, why would you even ask that question?" At the time, I didn't think that other females decide to abort right away; I'm not other females and I was just thing of myself.

As time went by I tried to accept all the new things that came with this new life style. My wardrobe changed which at some points made me sad and at other times made me feel cute. I loved shopping so that would help ease my mind a bit, especially window shopping. I became a person no one wanted to be around. I was usually meant, outspoken and not caring about the other person s thought and/or feelings. I was very demanding at work, things had to be perfect or it was not good enough to sell to the customers. My family became afraid of me just because I would snap if something didn't agree with me. If we had a conversation and my opinion didn't matter, I would make it my point and leave the room. After this moment, I would think it's not fair to them so I would just listen the next time and learn how to sit it out and maybe towards the end it would all make sense. This created a bond and patience with each other. I also learned in public transportation how important it was to just ignore people. I had incidents where

people didn't care I was pregnant and didn't offer their seat. Or even saying excuse me was an issue. I would just be more alert of my surrounding and carry a book of interest and read it on the train. When I noticed someone coming my way and I had to move, I would do so. As time went by and learned how to avoid so many things that could have been done before, who'd thought life would be a lot simpler. When my daughter arrived it was more of challenge added to my life because now she is depending on my guidance, my protection, my teachings, and so on. It was hard and as a mother I'm still learning. Our patience will always be tested. Whether it's outside of the home or at home, parents in general have to learn patience and seek help or advice toward a better way of doing things and taking precautions or handling things a little bit different each day. The more I learn from another parents advice and use it



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