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How Cell Phones Have Changed Our Life Socially?

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Essay Preview: How Cell Phones Have Changed Our Life Socially?

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How Cell Phones Have Changed Our Life Socially?

(Patricia Seybold) "A lot of people think that the new economy is all about the internet. I think that it's being fueled by the internet - as well as by cell phones, digital assistants, and the like - but that it's really about customers." Cellphones has changed us socially in many different ways, video chat, and text messaging, and keeping contact through different social networks wirelessly. Cell phones have changed the way people socially interact with each other. Nowadays, anyone anywhere can just pick up their cell phone and call each other at any time of the day or night. (Stewart 1). In the past when there were just house phones around, people could use the excuse "Sorry I wasn't home to answer your call" but now, with the emerging of cell phones, people will get a hold of you somehow. Cell phones are considered to be your own personal property while house phones are considered to be used for the family. Cell phones depend on satellite and signal, which means anyone, can take their cell phones anywhere they choose, while house phones depend on the wires in the house which limits anyone from using it outside of the house. (Stewart 1). For example, someone could be on their house phone and their little brother could be eavesdropping on the conversation. No one would want that, would they? On the other hand, cell phones are more personal and most of them have Wi-Fi which leads them to be connected to the internet. Now people are more socially involved on the web through Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging, etc. However, cell phones have both a positive and negative effect on people.

Cell phones are very convenient to the point where it has positive social impact on people where they are able to quickly interact with each other. For example, one can call someone about a business matter and resolve issues from anywhere without having to be in that specific office, house, etc. People can also view their e-mails on their cell phones and stay connected through different websites with one another. News can be submitted as quickly as a click of a button. Cell phones could even be charged through their cars if forgotten to charge at home. Prices have dramatically decreased since cell phones first came out. Now, parents can afford cell phones for their children in order to keep in touch with each other at all times no matter where they are. In the old days, when people got into car accidents, it took a while for the police to arrive at the scene. But now, with the existence of cell phones it doesn't take long to get help on the road as soon as possible. Children, specifically teenagers, have their cell phones with them at all times especially during school hours. If an emergency were to occur at school and the students had to be put under immediate lockdown, they are easily capable of taking out their cell phones and calling their parents. While under a lockdown, if a student somehow got hurt, another student can easily call for an ambulance or get medical care. (Cohen 1).

However, there were many issues or disadvantages of obtaining a cell phone. A main issue with cell phones is texting and driving. Texting



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