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How Earth Was Made

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By:Jake P. Marty

Creation story

How Earth Was Made

There was this guy, his name was Dennis Racket. He was floating on a pure white super fluffy cloud. He was sad because he was the only guy on what he thought "The Cloud". When really he was God. So he started crying really-really hard and it soaked in the cloud which caused it to rain for several hours. His tears made a HUGE ball of tears, which was the first part of Earth . He wouldn't stop crying until he fell through the cloud. He fell for at least 30 minutes until he landed in his tears. He was just sitting in the middle of the ocean, his tears not knowing what he created. This majestic frog comes floating along on a beautiful lily pad. Dennis climbed onto the lily pad and said "Hi" to the frog. The frog said "Hi my name is Judis Chive." Then Dennis introduces himself to Judis. The frog said "I need land to eat and bathe in the sun." Then all of sudden a penguin comes flying out of the water and says, "I can help get a piece of land." Dennis and Judis both reply " Really?!" The penguin said,"Yes," "I can." So the penguin said, "Wait like 2 minutes and I'll be back." So the penguin goes down into the depths of Dennis's tears, the ocean and keeps going down until he hits the bottom. He picks up a big chunk of dirt. He swims back to the top of the ocean and gives Dennis the big piece of dirt. Dennis takes the dirt from the penguins wing. Then he raises it as high as he can reach and says "I will make this piece of into hundreds of thousands of miles of land." So Dennis set off with the frog Judis to make hundreds and thousands of miles of land. The penguin was in complete doubt of what Dennis and Judis could do. Dennis said, "he won't return until all the land is made." Dennis went on his way with Judis. Dennis went to the East put a little dirt there and then he went to the West. After that he went to the South then to the North. Land spewed up left and right and Dennis was god. Thats how Earth was created.




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