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Planet Earth in Danger - Essay

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Essay Preview: Planet Earth in Danger - Essay

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Can you imagine that the planet Earth we are now living on is in a serious danger? No you don't, right? We are all living comfortably, at least most of us do. Every time, we go somewhere, we lift up our hand and just say "taxi" and a car will come to us to take us to anywhere we want to go. Let me define 'car'. "A wheeled motor vehicle used for transporting passengers, which also carries its own engine or motor," say Wikipedia. A car, as known as automobile, is being move by fuel. The fuel is being used through the engine and become carbon dioxide. The world is now facing a situation and it is Global Warming. What is Global Warming? Global Warming is the rise of the Earth's ocean and atmosphere average temperature. What will the problem leads to and what make this happened? As the temperature rises, the ice in Greenland and the poles are melting, leading to the situation of the rising water level. Because of the pollution that is caused by the factories, a large amount of animals need to be shifted to another area for living. However, not all types of animals can adapt the new environment, which leads to the problem of endangering animals. There are still problems like spreading diseases, earlier spring arrival, downpours, heavy snowfalls, flooding, drought, etc.

Before everything starts, we were all fine living in peace with natural materials and man-made products. No machineries were involved. No series pollutions; no global warming. Although the Industrial Revolution made our lives easier, the aftermath we are now getting is bad. From the image shown below, we may see the changes of fossil carbon emissions since industrial revolution began. In the modern world we are living in now, we are comfortably living in a high tech place. Most of us own a vehicle that may take us to anywhere we want to go. Most of us did travel by planes or an oil tanker. We fight with guns other than knives. We all possess something that can cozy us from danger, weather, and exhaustion. But the consequences we are getting into are global warming, GHG effect, CFC, and serious pollutions. In the future, if the situation stays the same. We will be leading to the next step of this state of affair. The images shown below indicates the global surface temperature since past, now, and future.



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