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How to Prepare a Press Conference

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Essay Preview: How to Prepare a Press Conference

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#1, 2 & 3 - Definition of goals, message Page 2

#4 - Invitation to the press Page 4

#5 - Scenario for the day Page 5

#6 & 7- Press Release, List of guests Page 7

#8 - Calendar of Actions Page 9

#1 Define your goals, #2 Write your message, #3 Answer the questions

Join us at our Art Show Fundraiser & view wonderful abstracts painted by Fauna Foundations resident

Toby the chimpanzee has led an artistic career, at the Chimpanzee sanctuary Fauna Foundation on the south shore of Montreal and along with Petra, Binky and Sue Ellen. Some of his paintings are going on sale at a Westmount Gallery in Montreal Quebec. Brightly colored compositions of bold brushstrokes will be featured and on sale at the Modern and Contemporary Art at Gallerie D'Este on May 18th. The lot of paintings is worth an estimated $100-$1,500.

"I would sincerely doubt that chimpanzee art has ever been auctioned before," said the owner of the gallery Philippe Daneault.

Gallery Este will host a silent auction art show entitled "Going Bananas Over Art" presenting a series of forty pieces. A reception with a complementary lunch will be held on May 19, 2011 from 10:30am to 12:30 pm to meet and listen to founders Gloria Grow, Dr. Richard Allen and representatives from The Fauna Foundation. Admission is free to the public. One hundred percent of the proceeds sold will benefit the chimpanzees. As well, all proceeds will go toward the construction of the Skywalk: an overhead passageway, allowing the chimpanzees to wander freely, watching everything below from a safe, elevated vantage point.

The show will run through the day and is located at:




MÉTRO: Atwater

T. (514) 846-1515

F. (514) 846-1196



#4 - Write an invitation to the press:


MONTREAL, May 16, 2011 / - The Fauna Foundation & Galerie D'Este invite media representatives to a pre-opening presentation of an exhibit of 40 original paintings by Fauna's chimpanzee residents.

Created over a period of two years by several of the chimpanzees currently residing at the Fauna Foundation's animal sanctuary in Chambly, Quebec, these paintings represent an important facet of the rescued chimpanzees' rehabilitation process. The exhibit will run from May 16 to June 16 and all proceeds from sales of the paintings will go towards the construction of Skywalks, overhead passageways which allow the chimpanzees to wander freely, watching everything below from a safe, elevated vantage point.

Established in 1997, the Fauna Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to provide rescue and a permanent home for animals that have been used, neglected, abused or rejected by humans. It is Canada's only chimpanzee sanctuary.

When: Monday May 16 2011, 10:30 AM

Where: Galerie D'Este, 1329 Greene Avenue, Montréal

For further information:

RSVP and interview requests:

Morgan Woodfine

Public Relations Coordinator

Fauna Foundation



#5 - Write a scenario for the day of your press conference:

10:15am - Be ready to welcome television reporters at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the conference. They usually need time to set up their equipment.

10:20am - Meet everyone at the door and ask them to sign the guestbook as we may need their addresses for the next event. Give them the background material and a copy of the press statement. Start the press conference as close to on time as possible, and certainly no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled time, to respect those who came on time.

10:30am - The moderator welcomes everyone and briefly introduces the speaker. Remember that statements shouldn't be longer than 10-15 minutes. All speeches must be written and followed.

10:45am - After the speaker is finished, ask for questions. Make answers simple, brief, and pointed. A little bit of humour will liven up the press conference too. Good visual aids make your story more interesting, so be creative. Make a list of questions in advance that you think journalists most probably will ask. You have to be ready to answer them all in a full and competent manner. Be ready to give a television or newspaper interview.

11:15am - The moderator should end the press conference before things drag out too long. After your important points are made, step in and conclude the proceeding. Thank everyone for coming and offer additional information they can get in your office. Thank them for keeping readers, viewers, and listeners informed about this important community problem.

12:00pm - Announce to everyone they may stay for refreshments if they desire.

12:30pm - End of the



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