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How to Reach Bhartapur Bird Sanctuary from New Delhi

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Essay Preview: How to Reach Bhartapur Bird Sanctuary from New Delhi

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Bharatpur is 175 kms from Delhi.

I took a train from New Delhi station in evening. However, I took the train sitting in sleeper class without ticket. It was an express train (Paschim express) leaving at 16:50 hours and I paid the money to the TT before boarding who handed me a ticket with fine. Journey take 2 hrs 40 min and bhartpur junction is after Mathura station.

Best train is Jan Shatabdi leaving at 1:15 pm from Nizammuddin. All other trains are passing train (generally to Mumbai) boarding at New Delhi between 1:15 and 19:30 hours. Please check availability of all trains on IRCTC.

You can reach by car as well. Travelling on Delhi Mathura highway. From Mathura, you take a detour towards Bharatpur. Better to travel in day since the roads are not well in some places. Check google maps / if you have GPRS then good. Time taken is atleast 4 hours.

From there you get local auto (hired @ Rs. 70 max) to Sarus Chowk on Highway near Bharatpur national park.

At Sarus chowk, you have Hotel Sarus - RTDC hotel. There are numerous other hotels nearby ( check trip advisor). I stayed in Sarus. Big room with 2 beds, paid 950/ night with tax + breakfast included. The rooms were ok. Bathrooms not maintained very well ( electricals esp) but manageable. You can get similar hotels @ 700-1500 per night nearby which can be pre booked. In season , room are short so pre book by calling up.

The sanctuary is half a Km from there on the highway. You have cycle rickshaws or you can walk as well. Rickshaw will charge Rs. 10-15.

Park opens for public at 6 am.

At Sanctuary, entry ticket is Rs. 50. For children below 12 years it's free.

To travel inside, you can walk, take a rickshaw ride (Rs 70 / hour) or hire a cycle (Rs. 25 / type 2 - Rs 40 for 6 hours) - all hired from Ticket Counter.

If with family, then rickshaw pullers will try to extend the number of hours or shorten the trip with short trip if they find family is not interested in birds, but just picnic. So, suggestion is pick rickshaw as well as cycle.

Carry the map available from website of national park through a booklet on birds. The booklet can be bought at Rs. 50 from a store inside the park. Map will help you keep a track with rickshaw puller.

Rickshaw pullers are very knowledgeable if you talk well with them. I took my first morning trip with rickshaw and he made me see many birds. Evening I travelled alone in cycle.

Birds arrive in October and some more migratory birds will come by end of Oct to start Nov.



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