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Huesa: Human Universal Energy Spiritual Academy

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Essay Preview: Huesa: Human Universal Energy Spiritual Academy

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HUESA: Human Universal Energy Spiritual academy

It was the energy section of the SSC title which led me to choose this component. My mother has recently become a yoga teacher and has since become much more spiritual. Since I have been sceptical about the whole idea, I decided to opt for this SSC to learn more about the principals and to see for myself if it can truly help others and improve the health of people. I knew millions of people use these techniques everyday for either self health benefit or for others and so there must be a level of truth in the technique. Healing and meditation come hand in hand and quite a lot of time in the sessions was therefore spent practicing meditation. This allowed me to develop my existing skill in meditation to a much higher level, especially with her guided meditation. Our SSC teacher told us that much of the human brain is not used at all in most people; meditation therefore teaches us to access these higher levels of the brain. According to our teacher, scientists have proven that people who meditate a lot have more activity in these, normally dormant, parts of the brain. For me, I find the experience extremely calming and peaceful and I can see why anyone would benefit from meditation since it de-stresses the body. The idea behind the healing section of the SSC is that we are constantly surrounded by "universal energy" which many believe to be what scientists have recently discovered as the god particle. This universal energy is actually used by all, but most of us do not know we are using it. By practicing meditation and other techniques we can harness more of this universal energy and even channel this energy to others. This will keep the person in good health and possibly cure people of their illnesses. Usually, healing ourselves and others is a lifetime skill of meditation and takes years to develop. However, in the method we learnt to send energy to individual people and even whole countries by the end of the 5 weeks. This was because our SSC teacher was already of a high level herself and could send us energy which elevated us to the next level. However, we had to practice using and get use to this energy by self meditation at home. There are 7 chakras located on the human body; each one of them associated with a gland and a system of the human body. For example the 5th chakra is associated with thymus gland and the cardiovascular system. The 7th,6th and 5th chakras are higher energy centres. In the beginning we used the 7th chakra (located on the crown of the head) to channel universal energy into our bodies but as we became more advanced we learnt to use the 6th chakra otherwise known as the 3rd eye. This chakra is arguably the most important one since we can use this chakra to help us with everyday tasks. This reminded me of the Alexander Technique where the new skills we learnt generally helped us do everyday things easier and



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