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Huffman Trucking Operating System

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Huffman Trucking Operating System

Huffman Trucking is a national transportation company with locations in California, Missouri, and New Jersey. The central maintenance office is located in Ohio.

Huffman Trucking has developed many different operating systems over time. The operating systems used at the different facilities are mostly Windows based. The California and New Jersey offices use Window 3.X and 9.X environment with a standalone IIS 4.0 web server and Lotus Notes for email. The California plant uses a Windows 2000. The Missouri office uses Lotus Notes for email, Macintosh, and uses Apple-Talk for their graphics and design. The Ohio office uses Novel 4.11 (NOS), Lotus Notes, Macintosh, and Apple-Talk. The operating systems located at all of the offices are Windows based.

I believe these operating systems were chosen due to the company's growing needs. The company was in demand to add operating systems to keep up with the new products and the business needs. The operating systems used by Huffman Trucking are needed to provide adequate communication and routing service to be able to run the business successfully. Windows 3.X and 9.X are used because they were compatible with the older MSDOS applications. I believe the operating system of Huffman Trucking needs to be updated due to security issues. Windows 3.X and 9.X are no longer supported.

The implications of the operating systems in use by Huffman Trucking are to have a level of storage that is fast/volatile and slow/non-volatile influencing the design of operating system components, to include file systems, virtual memory, and execution. The company uses a Windows based operating system that enables them to provide a wide range of network services such as file and print services, applications, web, and email. The company implements the security of operating a multi-user and multi-tasking operating system. Lotus Notes is used for the company's email for communication because Lotus implements security and is user friendly. The internet and intranet websites need to have an operating system that is user friendly and can handle company interactions and transactions. The operating systems in use by Huffman Trucking are sufficient enough to provide these needs for now. As the business continues to grow, they will need to upgrade to the latest technology if they want to continue to meet their business needs.



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