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The Latest Open Source Operating System

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Essay Preview: The Latest Open Source Operating System

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1.0 Introduction

Open source is an approach to the design, development, and distribution of software, offering practical accessibility to a software's source code. Some consider open source as one of various possible design approaches, while others consider it a critical strategic element of their operations. Before open source became widely adopted, developers and producers used a variety of phrases to describe the concept; the term open source gained popularity with the rise of the Internet, which provided access to diverse production models, communication paths, and interactive communities. Software is a general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related devices. Hardware is the physical aspect of computer, telecommunications, and other device.

2.0 The Latest Open Source Operating System

2.1 Meaning Of Open Source OS

Open source operating system is defined as an interface between hardware and user; it is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the limited resources of the computer which system acts as a host for applications that are run on the machine where is an approach to the design, development, and distribution of software, offering practical accessibility to a software's source code.

2.2 Example Of Open Source OS

Example of latest open source OS is Linux is a generic term referring to Unix-like computer operating systems based on the Linux kernel. Their development is one of the most prominent examples of free and open source software collaboration; typically all the underlying source code can be used, freely modified, and redistributed by anyone under the terms of the GNU GPL and other free licenses. The latest stable release in Kernel on 20 May 2009. Another example of latest unstable release in Kernel 2.6.30-rc7 on 23 May 2009. Tux, the penguin is mascot of the Linux Kernel. It comes from Unix-like in OS family and in type of Monolithic Kernel. Linux 2.6.30-rc7 kernel brings a late driver to the kernel for the Cisco PCI-Express FCoE HBA SCSI adapter and besides that the rest of the fixes are small changes.

The second example of open source operating system is Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a free Debian-derived computer operating system based on GNU/Linux. Ubuntu's goals include providing an up-to-date, stable operating system for the average user, with a strong focus on usability and ease-of-installation. Ubuntu has been selected by readers of desktoplinux.com as the most popular Linux distribution for the desktop, claiming approximately 30% of their desktop installation in both 2006 and 2007.

3.0 The Latest Open Source Application Software

3.1 Meaning Of Open Source Application Software

Open source application software can defined as the general designation of computer programs for performing user tasks where is an approach to the design, development, and distribution of software, offering practical accessibility to a software's source code.

3.2 Example Of Open Source Application Software

Examples of the latest application software are Ares in version 2.1.1 and release on 23 Jan 2009. Ares is a free open source file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software, documents, etc. You may now easily publish your files through the Ares peer to peer network. As a member of the virtual community, you can search and download just about any file shared by other users. Latest versions support BitTorrent protocol and Shoutcast radio stations. With Ares you can also join chat rooms or host your channel and meet new friends. Another examples of the latest application software is Mozilla Firefox in version 3.0.10, release on 27 April 2009. Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox had 22.48% of the recorded usage share of web browsers as of April 2009, making it the second most popular browser in terms of current use worldwide, after Internet Explorer.

4.0 The Latest Development in ICT

4.1 Hardware

There are the latest development in ICT in hardware, Wireless Keyboard 3000. Wireless Keyboard 300 have 2.4 GHz wireless technology which confident connection out of the box and with up to a 45-foot range. Beside that, it also have quiet-touch keys which quiet, responsive, and thin-profile keys.It is available with soft-touch palm rest which has some benefits like we will get better comfortable which support when we type with the plush, integrated palm rest. It's spill-resistant design is integrated water channels drain the liquid away. It also has media center which can control media playback



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