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Computer Operating System Security

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Essay Preview: Computer Operating System Security

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Computer Operating System Security

Internet security is priority for all types of computer operating systems. Although it is not a 100% guarantee against all attacks, there are ways to improve your physical and online security measure for your PC. The Internet is not the only threat against a computer operating system.

Throughout the world, many people will leave the computers in their offices unsecured. If you have a Windows and/or Linux operating system, you have tools built into the operating systems that will help you keep your data and information secure. If you choose not to have your operating system secure, then you have failed your co-workers as well as your customers; by exposing their personal information at the same time, granting access to accounts, and company data. Information should remain protected at all costs.

Linux and Windows have different programs that you can access or create to keep all data safe within both operating systems. With both of these operating systemsyou are able to create complicated passwords Another type of security measure you can take , if possible, is by taking your PC home with you; in the event of an individual getting access to your office and your PC. The obvious solution is to lock the door where your computer is located.

Computers that are in connection to a network are vulnerable to hackers who create viruses. The viruses cause information that can be leaked all across the Interent. The other issue that a virus may cause computers to crash. This situation will cost a lot of money if you have to repair or buy a new computer. By allowing this to happen you have created You created this issue, you have also caused a problem for losing valuable data, and you must find ways to retrieve all the information. For windows, there are options for creating a secure and complicated password that no one can guess, unless you write the password down and leave it out for others to view. This is a not acceptable because you have exposed your password. However, many other options are available for Windows, which allows you to back up data, and keep it secure. Linux has an option to protect data from entry by configuration of the data that comes in and out of your system through the Internet.

Therefore, the best way to keep any computer operating system safe is, by running a scan to see if there have been any entries of data or programs that are compromised. The biggest way to protect your operating system is by keeping it under lock and key along with disconnecting from the internet. Running a full computer scan or a configuration will help you to identify anything that has attempted to attack your operating system; when connected to a network. Other options or additions that you may want to consider, is making sure you have a good virus protection.

There are many sources that can help protect your operating system on



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