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Human Resource Management at Shell

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Essay Preview: Human Resource Management at Shell

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This report has been made as per the course requirement of Human Resource Management. In our report, we have covered the functions of the Human Resource Department of Shell Pakistan Limited.

The three main areas we have focused on in our report are as follows:

 Shell's hiring and training activities.

 How it manages separation, retention, careers and performance appraisal.

 Compensation and Union Management.

We obtained the required information from the above named employees of Shell by way of an unstructured interview format. Shell is very open about its hiring. It entertains random resumes received by way of email and other channels. Headhunters are also employed to find potential recruits.

Shell gives much priority to its training activities. Training at Shell includes orientation, development and a mixture of on and off the job training. Training Managers are hired through out sourcing. Another interesting element which we came upon was that conventional Management Trainees so called at so many organizations today are called 'Graduates' at Shell.

Separation consists of retirement, resigning and dismissal.

Various retention techniques are employed to keep key staff.

Shell takes great pride in helping its employees advance in their careers by giving each individual special attention and guidance.

Compensation packages are aimed at retaining key staff, motivating them, and attracting new employees.

The union at Shell consists of less than one hundred employees from the labour class.

Human Resources looks after all businesses manpower requirements and ensures that staff contribution to the business is fully maximised. It operates in partnership with the sector's management and provides advice on human resource management, policies and practices which affect all staff at all levels.

Recruitment, compensation, remuneration, staff benefits, employee relations, employment policies, planning, staff appraisals and career development are also some of the more traditional areas which fall under Human Resources.

Shell is currently using HRIS (Human Resource Information System) which holds a database consisting of the records and employee information. They are however working towards SAP implementation.



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