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Reflection Paper - Human Sexuality and Relationships

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Essay Preview: Reflection Paper - Human Sexuality and Relationships

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In Human sexuality taught by Dr. Joseph P. Fanelli, we look at sex, and relationships in so many different ways. We discuss subjects that might make one feel uncomfortable because sex and love are usually pretty personal. Surprisingly, this class is not uncomfortable at all. Fanelli teaches the class in a very comedic casual way, making the whole experience very productive and educational. He teaches us about attraction, our bodies, hormones and various other sexual topics in a way we can all relate to. Fanelli makes you feel comfortable by talking to you as wise friend would rather than a professor or a superior. I think that it is very important to approach a topic like sex in a comfortable casual atmosphere because if not, no one would want to listen. My favorite topic we have discussed in class thus far is attraction; I think that it is such an interesting topic.

In high school we never were taught about sex, we just talked about all the negative implications that could come from actually having sex. I have never been in a class where we learn about why people want to have sex for other reasons besides reproduction. I remember, we used to beg my teacher to show the class how to put a condom on a banana; we wanted to do anything to make the class more exciting. In Fanelli's class I love how we talk about what attraction is, and what really makes people physically want each other. Attraction is something that we don't really understand, but it is something we all experience or have experienced. Attraction is something that just happens and we usually don't know why. One thing that stands out so far in the course is the video Fanelli showed us about hormones and attraction between two people who are sexually active. The video had two 'lovers' and various other people dressed up according to what gender hormone they were. The video made me laugh, and looked at attraction and hormones in a very understandable comedic way. It made the concept of attraction relatable and light. Each picture and video Fanelli shows us makes me laugh harder than the next. I love how exciting the class is, and I can't help but want to pay attention. You would think that cracking sex jokes for two hours would make the class a joke but it helps keep me focused, I enjoy all the sexual humor. I hope we dig deeper into attraction so that I can better fully understand it.

I can't wait to learn more about attraction, the body, and relationships. Theses are all topics that I am very curious about. I can't wait to see all the new fun videos that Fanelli has for us. I hope that I continue to learn as much as I have and feel comfortable enough to ask Fanelli some sexual questions I am curious about as the semester continues.



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