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Humanities 303 Week 3

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Essay Preview: Humanities 303 Week 3

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Name of Student: Keena Bernard

Course Title: Humanities 303

Name of Instructor: T.H

Date: September 15, 2009

An Introduction to Buddhism: An Introduction to Buddhism (2000). Boeree, George C. Retrieved: September 9, 2009. From:


This article is an introduction to Buddhism. It thoroughly gives the origin of Buddhism, the period and the main teachings of Buddhism which includes what Buddhists believe in. The teachings include: To do no evil, to cultivate good and to purify one's mind.

Basic Teachings of Buddhism: The teachings and Philosophical Doctrines of Buddhism, Himalayan realms (2009). Ross, Kelley L., PHD. Retrieved: September 10, 2009. From:


This article explains the basic teachings of Buddhism. It gives the period in which it was created and the Man who created it. The article allows the reader to view Buddhism as profoundly unlike any other religions. The article also explains the basis Buddhist philosophical doctrines. Finally, the article explains the history of Buddhism.

Buddhist Art and Architecture: Tibetan Buddhist Art (2009). The Australian Tibetan Society Inc. Retrieved: September 11, 2009. From:


The article carefully explains Buddhist art and architecture which includes Buddhist paintings, sculptures, form and function as well as the different arts and the main reasons for their existence. After the death of the Buddha, icons were created in remembrance of him. Symbols which were used in his remembrance were the wheel (of the Law), or the trees (of spiritual enlightenment. As the years passed the Tibetan enhanced their art by creating more colorful sculptures which was done to have a positive effect on the viewer.

The Buddhist Aesthetic nature: A challenge to rationalism and empiricism (1994). Inada, Kenneth K. Retrieved: September 10, 2009. From:


The above website discusses The Buddhist Aesthetic nature. It is stated that remains Buddhism remains the main ground to understanding the dynamics of life processes in the East and West. The author sub headed the title rationalism and empiricism because he carefully differentiates between the two and their links to Buddhism.




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