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Faith is a major part in the United States of America. Faith has played an important influence on how our lives are modeled. A number of factors play a role in how we think and develop our different views and values. There are many diverse religions with different viewpoints; there is one sure focus for bringing religions together as one powerful unit. That focus is to advocate for the total human rights and well-being of children. The Jewish and Christian religions have decided to unite for this common goal. The unity of both faiths will be revealed at the museum by way of art pieces symbolizing mankind's concern for children.

In this presentation, we will explain the reason for commissioning an art piece, how it reflects Jewish and Christian concepts, and how it enhances the intellectual and physical environment. The painting will be placed at the entrance of the Multi-Faith Museum Advocating for Children. The painting will consist of two faith symbols, the Jewish Star of David, the fish sign of Christianity and faces of multi-ethnic children. This painting creates an avenue for the Jewish and Christian communities to draw closer together. Both faiths know how to morally respect the communities' children. Walking upright in character, with a focus on renewing and living out mankind's duty to carefully watch over, protect and advocate for the communities' children is the museum mission.

Advocating for Children is part of a large-scale movement. The museum has an objective to unify masses of Jewish, Christian and non-faith in a joint interest for children. Improving the children's lives and working against injustice for their benefit is what the museum will require. Uniting these faiths to work together as the one major advocate is quite powerful and more motivating than the actions of one faith alone.

Past devastating events such as the Holocaust greatly altered the connection among the Jewish and Christian faiths. The Holocaust eternally changed how the Jews of the second half of the twentieth century viewed non-Jews. Even though being a Christian did not initiate the Holocaust, various myths and illustrations did reinforced European anti Judaism, and validated the Nazis' unlawful killing of Europe's Jews. Lots of Christians, and countless church leaders put themselves in danger attempting to protect Jews. But many more people defended and carried out the Nazis' evil schemes, and masses did so in the name of Jesus and Christian religion, (Porton).

The commissioned piece will assist in the awareness of the connection between the past mindset of countless Christians with regard to the Jews bringing about healing and unity. In these latter years the Jewish and Christian groups have made great strides in ways of reconciliation. Modern day Christians have embraced the view of the New Testament as an expanded covenant. These Christians believe that the relationship between God and the Jews is still binding. This belief allows Jews to earn heavenly reward escape damnation. The faces of the children represent the ethical diversity and future harmony of mankind.

The museum committee decided to add diverse pieces of art combining both cultures to the museum. The first item commissioned is a piece of art that details the unity in



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