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Hypothesis Paper on Cranberries

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Essay Preview: Hypothesis Paper on Cranberries

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As we continue to study statistical research it is important to understand the hypothesis statement. A hypothesis is simply a testable statement that may include a prediction. A hypothesis is generally based on a previous observation and the testing is necessary to prove or disprove the hypothesis. A hypothesis in an important statement and it is an integral part of all types of research.

The article I chose for this paper was one on how cranberries can improve oral health. The hypothesis statement is that the proanthocyanadins in cranberries may help to prevent gum disease and reduce plaque-causing bacteria in the mouth. This article includes information from two recent independent studies that help to support the hypothesis.

The first study found that cranberry extract can inhibit enzymes activities that are associated with periodontal disease. The information from this study also suggests that cranberry components have promising applications for treating gingivitis. The other studies listed in the article support the hypothesis by describing how cranberry juice concentrate contains molecules that slow down the inflammatory response in gum tissue. This study also builds on the anti-inflammatory properties of cranberries and supports cranberries to be used as part of a treatment for gum disease.

It is important to know that the hypothesis was formulated by Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., a leading producer of cranberry products in the United States. Studies can be misleading, especially the biased studies done by the manufacturer. The fact that the studies were done by independent research firms and not by Ocean Spray did add credibility to the article.


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