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Individual Development Essay

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In this individual project, I am the subject of this paper. I am qualified to write this paper on myself because I worked with a team during the whole semester and experience from forming stage to adjuring stage. In this paper, I’m going to discuss about my personal development, group development and skills gained from the course. The goal of this paper is to analyze the values that I learned in this class and summarize the improvements which will help myself be more successful.

Key Experiences

I have learned a lot throughout the length of this course. Every encounter with classmates, group members and the teachers has been a vital step forwards for me, thanks to the unique and practical lessons that each encounter offered towards the broad domain of organizational management. I shall note, in detail, two most important experiences, starting with experience that was my being part of a team. Learning to be cooperative, accommodating other people’s weaknesses and misgivings and contributing to a common goal have been pivotal experiences from my being in a group. These are also key experiences that one need to have in order to have a successful entrepreneurial practice according to Kinicki and Fugate (2015). The whole course has therefore been one long and priceless experience on team work for me, and has provided me with very vivid outlooks into how coordination, specialization in the work place and other vital components of organizational practice work.

The second experience from the course was closely related to my being in a team although it was an exclusively my experience: record keeping. Having been appointed as the scribe, my duty was to note each and every important issue put forward by the group, each key point raised, each decision made. This called for my full attention during group meetings. Furthermore, it demanded that I learn to listen while writing and contributing at the same time. Above all, this experience revealed to me that it is important for one to know what information is important and what is not because too much or too little information is bad for organizational management and it bars growth (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011; Kim & Grunig, 2011).

Personal Development

The two main experiences noted above (and many smaller ones) heavily contributed to my personal development. First and foremost, I consider myself more knowledgeable and better equipped with practical skills thanks to the skills learned from the teacher during the course. I understand organizational structures way better than before. I acknowledge that through every lecture, the teacher had a new deliverable not just for me but for the entire class. I am now well versed with business communication and the formation and sustenance of critical business relationships within and beyond the workplace. I now better understand that there is more that goes into running a successful and developing organization as a manager. As Treffinger, Selby and Isaksen (2008) observe, an organization’s behavior and performance is the one and only index to how good organizational management is. Put in a position of management now, I will channel my professional and personal vitality into work because now I know that my growth as a professional is completely reliant on that of the organization.

Insofar as my growth as a team member is concerned, I would like to believe that I am now a better player. Virtually all of my team members have noted that my participation towards the end of course is far better than my performance at the



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