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Development Worker Essay

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All about Dreams

These days I haven't been dreaming I think but I guess I just forget about them the moment I wake up. Even if I do remember some of my dreams I eventually forgot about them. I heard that if you really want to know your dreams you should immediately write about it but being me, I would be too lazy to record about my dream and instead I would go back to sleep again. It happens that I also dream multiple dreams in one night. It's like many mini dreams. But as usual I would forget about them in the morning. My dreams vary from funny and a bit weird, frightening, exciting, and can be very "kilig" at times.

Anyway, I have this recurring dream. It's about me riding inside a car and I can't seem to control the car, driving really fast, sometimes I would be alone inside the car and at some other times at would be with somebody but I was still the one driving. But the latest was that I was in what looked like a forest and I was on the edge of a cliff with a car but this time I was outside. I don't know but that dream was kind of silly because even if the car is about to fall I would hold it and pull it back again but I would push it again or someone would push it again, I'm not really sure, and then I would pull it back again. What was kind of funny is that I am strong enough to pull it back every time it was about to fall off on the edge of the cliff because I was using only one hand.

Aside from that, I once had a nightmare, I can't breathe and I can't scream and I can't move either. I can't do anything in short when there was a woman that I can't see her face but she was wearing black and she was really standing at the end of my foot. I can't stare too long to her because I was so afraid so I tried closing my eyes but when I opened them to check if she was still there and she seems to stare at me real hard and I was really, really frightened and I closed my eyes again and I prayed this time and when I opened them again she was gone. I can feel my arms and my feet moving again. I tried to go to my grandmother so I can tell her what happened I was about to stand up and switch on the light when someone touched them. It was a black arm and because of that I didn't get to switch on the light and I immediately lie down and pretended to go to sleep. I'm sure I'm not dreaming about that and I'm sure that it really happened. And then I dreamed about it again, this time, I managed to immediately move but I again I pretended to be asleep again and instead waited for the morning to come. After that I was afraid to sleep. But seriously who wouldn't when you dreamed about a black woman for consecutive nights. Thank God, I could sleep again. And now somehow it doesn't bother me anymore. But sometimes it still does especially now that I'm writing about that and it's raining and



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