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Reflective Essay on Developing Management and Leadership Skills

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Essay Preview: Reflective Essay on Developing Management and Leadership Skills

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I came on this course on that faithful Wednesday morning of June 20th, 2012 without any personal expectation from the course and lack of focus as to how and of what use it will be to me. But with a confused mind and no more confidence to forge ahead in career and life. Although, l had some plans in place and positive moves too, but l knew within me that l really wanted to do something different. The benefits of to me cannot be quantified, in the sense that, it does not just aid my career focus; relationship and understanding of different personalities of human beings, but facilitated the rediscovery of myself and reinstated my self confidence.

The first lecture was very helpful in understanding the different natures of racism and revealed to me how l have been victimised without known. l have once been told by my former agency to always use and go to work with a strong perfume because a staff complained of unpleasant odour at work. Also, been asked before to show the receipt of a biscuit l ate during my lunch break at work, because my colleague (white) staff reported seeing me eating the same type of biscuit in the kitchen store; where l had no access to. These have sort of diminished my courage and relegate me to chicken-out. Listening to other peoples' experiences on this programme confirms it's a general issue among minority group that needs to be addressed, known your rights and courageously claiming your equality right irrespective of your ethnic group. Do not die in silence.

I have made presentations in the past but the opportunity to have had a presentation on myself on this programme, followed by instant individual genuine comments from the class is most appreciated and will be cherished for life. I never thought my story base on personal life experience could interest anybody talk less of inspiring someone. It has actually helped to awaken me from my slumber with the determination to unfold the potentials in me and utilize them to my full capacity. I got some commendable comments as well as correctable ones which are all noted towards achieving a unique personal management and leadership skills. These comments are genuine to me because the correctable ones mentioned are known to me personally even before the presentation. I am a very fast talker and get carried away most times when engrossed in delivering my topic or making points. And the commendable ones have sort of opened another chapter of potentials which may be improved upon for greater benefit in future also benefitted me in the area of rediscovering of myself potentials and personality. l never knew anything about ISTJ before in my whole life, but the study on personality styles and types gave me a valuable understanding of myself, having discovered ISTJ as my personality type. Going through ISTJ description report, has brought me back to life. I have been so unhappy for so long and punished myself unjustly for peoples' mistakes and wrong did to me. made me rediscover and appreciate the buzz l get from exhibiting the characteristics of ISTJ as listed in the report. I have learnt to always be myself and different from others. Knowing well that, if l do not appreciate me and the difference between me and others, no one will. Just as no one can make me feel inferior, without my consent.

ISTJ is absolute 95-98% accurate about me. This have really given me the reason for, and the important of, different personalities that comprises of an organisation, In that each and every personality has something to contribute in the success or failure of an organisation. Therefore, no one is isolated, all opinion are to be respected. I think more of myself now and embrace means/ways of nice personal treatment, which has helped to build my confidence again and now more focus on way forward. Even going for a managerial programme at masters' level in the university. I would never have been able to take this decision if l had not been on this programme, even though; the need for it was obvious , but l have learnt on this course that the fact that you failed means you are trying something irrespective of its outcome. Hence, the need to be positive and challenge



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