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Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution began in England in 1750. It is a time period where there was a change in industry, began to use machines instead of human labor. It had many positive and negative effects on the environment and life frustration of people in England. It also had effect on the worlds conditions. This period of time had variety of people involved in such as, factory workers, factory owners, the government, and other people who have been through the cities at the time of Industrial Revolution. One positive effect is that it created jobs for people and contributed to city growth. The negative effects is that it created pollution such as smog, there was rapid growth of people in Manchester, And people including children, worked long hours.

The factories that have been made during the Industrial Revolution has given many opportunities for people to work and earn money. These people were very poor and needed money. In order to work the machines, coal was used to power machines. Coal is found underground. People lived in tenements so that they have to pay rent from the money they were earning from work. The tenements were crowded apartments. There was also cheap goods, and better clothing. The workers were men, women, and children. There was mostly women children because they were cheaper. They worked better. Leon Faucher observed when he visited Hyde, That "the young women are well and decently clothed and well fed" (DBQ 13).

The Industrial Revolution from the factories have made the environment and economy more polluted such as smog. The streets were foggy and garbage was thrown in the streets. Many people became sick. There wasn't healthcare for people, If you became ill or hurt, you would lose your job because the factory owners still have people waiting on them to get approvals for working their. Pollution made the people not breathing very good. People in Manchester's population grew rapidly, the amount of food is no longer sufficient, people died. The population then declined. The cotton mills city jobs got lost. The streets there are usually unpaved, was very crowded, not cleaned, and the river is narrow.

Also during The Industrial Revolution, People including children have worked many hours. They worked fourteen to sixteen hours a day and worked six days a week. Children were often hired to dig for coal because they were small and they could crawl into small spaces. The coal is hard, and accidents happen to the hands such as cuts, broken or crushed fingers, are common. There were boys of ten to twelve years of age doing it for fifty and sixty cents a day. Some of them never went to school, few of them could read. Some of them also went to night schools. Some accidents that are mostly common are children getting caught in machines. Results in death because the machine takes it with them. Cuts through their body. Working in the factories for a long time was very depressing



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