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Industrial Revolution in Ukraine

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The term revolution is often associated with war, violence and disaster. Revolution refers to change and power or an organizational structure which takes place in a short time. Examples of revolution include French, English, American and Industrial Revolution. There were countless revolutions throughout history. Still, there have been recent revolution like the orange revolution in Ukraine, 2004 or Ghana and India's independence.

The Industrial Revolution was a fundamental event in history which began in Great Britain in the 18th century. Europe took the lead in the Industrial Revolution leaving Asia behind for two centuries. Early times of the industry were driven by the need of food and clothes. People, in the Industrial Revolution left towns and cities to work in factories. Factories in the Industrial Revolution were places in which goods were made by chains of low-skill workers organized by merciless mangers. The use of machines made of iron; the use of people as machine minders; the use of power to drive machines was the common equation. The industrial revolution included major developments in agriculture, manufacture and travel.

Industrial revolution for English people was mostly a farm life. Communications were limited and manufacturing was done by natural means. It was a period were the life of ordinary, conventional people was changed dramatically. Communications improved throughout europe and manufacturing was done using man- handed labour like the manufacturing of clothes and food. These numerous inventions helped industries develop so fast that society could barely keep up.

Many changes occurred in the Industrial Revolution. These changes had positive and negative affects on peoples lives in their aftermath. People left farms and the agricultural industry for factories in towns and cities.

Negative changes include pollution. The rate of pollution increased dramatically. The pollution was due to the increased factories and machines that were made. Coal mines became overcrowded and unsanitary conditions led to the worlds first industrial cities. People often fell ill due to the toxic fumes and dangerous machines in the factory. However, machines also had advantages. Machines were faster and more efficient in work than humans. Techniques and strategies that could not be employed before the industrial revolution, were achievable. The invention of the clocks became a popular establishment that allowed people to be more organized and punctual. This was a positive effect that influenced the way things were done for the better. An invention which is still influencing our lives today, but was invented in the industrial revolution, is the railway station. In terms of transport, the railway station was a major development. The improved agricultural techniques were also a supplementary technique. The improved natural yields were a good impact as they increased the amount of food resources. Improvements of the iron industry also influenced the industrial revolution for the better. Funding of schools was a positive impact that increased education.

The human aspect was a change in the industrial revolution which was a result of all the other changes; the decline in the death rate, decrease in the birth rate, elimination of dreaded plagues, increase in the availability of food, improved housing and clothes, higher wages to individuals and an increase in the availability of food. However, child labour was the negative side to the human aspect. A saddening fact is that many factory workers were children who worked long hours and were paid very little. Women were also attacked by the same fact.

The French Revolution was a major event in history which not only changed the society and political system, but spread revolutionary ideas though out Europe. In the French Revolution my people died in the wars fought with other nations, feudalism privileges in France ended and France develop the ideas of liberty, equality and brotherhood. France became accustomed to the idea of a republicanism, and today France is a republic. In the French revolution, citizens developed nationalism and France spread the idea of having a parliamentary government with rules formally set out in a constitution.

The Industrial Revolution and Industrial Revolution were similar in many ways. The Industrial and French Revolutions, worked as two forces that changes Europe. Both revolutions played a role in societies lifestyle and thinking. Although, indirectly In france, both revolutions



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