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Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

Historians have various arguments as to why the Industrial Revolution started in Europe and not in Asia where the development was also fast paced during the 1800's. They attributed this to several factors such as Europe's geography, ecological advantages, governmental policy, technological advancements, general cultural differences. The mild weather in Europe is believed to have influenced the industrialization mainly in the agriculture industry which lead to an earlier agricultural revolution. The ecological advantages are also believed to have played a great part in the region's industrialization. Coal mines are within close proximity where machines can be readily delivered and used. This has been seen as a major factor in the in the industrialization of the region together with the various technological advancements that were invented. The colonial expansion of the region in America also gave them additional fund and land needed for the new technologies they are inventing and implementing. (Venn, 2005, Jan 23)

Britain was first in the Industrial Revolution mainly because it is "the only place where it was profitable to adopt them" argues Robert Allen, an Oxford professor. Aside from having a stable and flexible government, British were engaged in international trade. They were able to invest in the new technologies and machines that arise because they have the capital since Britain has generally a wealthy ad educated population. The increasing demand had initiated the urge to look for ways to produce more, with cheaper production costs.

During the revolution, the textile industry changed. Factories were created instead of small manufacturing rooms. Manufacturing process was standardized and was made faster with the use of machines. Energy generated machines alighted because of the use of steam engines. Canals and railways were developed paying the way for easier transportation of goods. Generally, there was a massive decrease in the production cost of almost everything. (Hackett, 1992)

Society was greatly changed by this setup. People who had the capital to put up factories and those who can't rely on the jobs these factories provided them. Laborers and farmers came to the factories to become industrial workers. Skilled workers and unskilled workers alike had equal pay. The presence of social classes became more evident. Wealthy people became wealthier while those on the lower class became dependent on the jobs provided by the manufacturing companies. (Hackett, 1992)



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