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Information System Organization and Management

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Essay Preview: Information System Organization and Management

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Table of Contents

Introduction        2

Business Overview:        2

Company Overview        2

Major Competitor Overview        3

Problems Identification        4

Literature Review        4

Business Analysis        5

SWOT Analysis        5

Porter's Five Forces Analysis Model        6

Summary of ABC University        7

Evaluation on existing IS application        8

Propose IS management system        8

RSM Key Features        9

Benefit        9

Application Portfolio        12

Summary:        12

Provide a secure working environment        12

Information Security Policy        14

Information Security Plan        15

Critical success factors efficiency and effectiveness metrics of the system        17

Appendix        18

Existing IS system process flow:        18

Proposed IS system process flow:        18

Reference        19


Today's universities or colleges have more technology than ever before. Now, the organization must manage anything through the network connection, including Audio Visual (AV), voice and data, lighting, security, and HVAC. To complete all of these different systems, it must be networked, managed and controlled in new ways.

ABC University is a leading provider of diversified educational pathways and professional training. Through a large number of courses, ABC University needs an automated solution to simplify AV, lighting and room reservation systems because it wants to streamline its operations team and increase productivity. As with any enterprise technology application, scalability is critical. The proposed solution needs to be able to accommodate enhanced users.

According to the Hong Kong city metropolis, our company would like to propose a system call "eRSM" - electronic Room Scheduling Management system to solve their problems.

Business Overview:[a]

ABC University is a public research university in Hong Kong. It was established in 1974. It became a fully accredited university in 1984 and is one of the government-funded degree-granting institutions.

ABC University is divided into different group of school such as Business School, Arts and Sciences, School of Social Sciences and law school. It offers over 40 undergraduate degree programs through its colleges and schools. It also offers dual degree programs with world-renowned universities such as Columbia University. Graduate School offers graduate degree programs.

ABC University is a globally recognized center of higher education and research. ABC ranked QS World University top 50th in the world. In particular, business schools are well received for their cutting-edge research. American News and World Report ranks top 50th in the world and second in Asia.

Smart University

eRSM adds a layer of wisdom to turn the building into a "smart" university, making it a complete enterprise building management. Through eRSM, ABC University can fully understand all the equipment and systems in each room on campus or in various buildings. eRSM provides more data points and connects them without the need for other platforms. The report provides a robust set of information needed to make informed data-driven decisions, including procurement, staffing, scheduling, resource allocation, and workspace design. With eRSM, operators of urban buildings are not just monitoring systems and control equipment; they are managing the business and cost of the university.

Company Overview[b]

ABC university focuses on professional education and research to equip graduates with the ability to anticipate and drive change in a rapidly changing globalized world.

In recent years, ABC university has shown strong performance in the university rankings and is currently ranked in the top 10 in Asia and ranked in the top 50 in the world. Is a rapidly developing university with more than 20,000 students including 6,500 postgraduates and about 1,000 academic staff in science, industry and commerce, innovative media, law, humanities and social sciences, energy and environment, and veterinary medicine.

The unique discovery rich curriculum and its emphasis on innovation and creativity are the foundations of all aspects of university professional education and problem-driven research. The curriculum is supported by the novel architectural learning space and facilities, reflecting the strategic plan of the new era of urban development.

ABC university has become one of the most innovative universities in Asia with highly relevant and pioneering research in many fields on pressing topics. The success of research projects is reflected both in the amount of funding and in the quality of the funded projects and research results.

The close ties between ABC university and mainland China as well as international cooperation and prospects make the University ideally positioned to provide a vibrant learning and research environment for students and teachers from all over the world. The status and huge number of ABC's relations with global institutions are constantly increasing.

ABC university continues to promote, innovate, learn, educate and prosper like one of the most incredible cities in which such an important role plays.



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