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Management Information Systems and Strategies

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Management Information Systems and Strategies

The existing electricity infrastructure in the United States provides no information on how electricity we are all being supplied is being used and it isn't capable of handling alternative energy. Alternative energy is a crucial component in the effort made toward going "green" by conserving energy and reducing the cost of electrical bills. Smart Grids utilize digital technology to deliver electricity to consumers which reduces costs for both the supplier and the consumer, this also allows suppliers to receive information on how to reduce consumption during times of peak usage. Unlike the existing outdated grids, smart grids can detect and dispatch information on power outages quickly and efficiently enabling suppliers to resolve issues and restore power rapidly. Smart grids are simply that, they are smart, efficient and effective. When assessing the management, organizational and technological issues that should be addressed when developing and implementing the use of a smart grid, everyone should think about who will control the information gathered, what will be done with the information and how does it affect the suppliers and consumers. The technology needs to allow energy suppliers to still turn a profit from the changes in the infrastructure, if consumers use little to no energy because of the grids efficiency it could actually cause energy prices to rise, this would defeat the purpose of the changes. The individual in charge of monitoring the information should be capable of discerning between information that is beneficial to the consumers and information that is needed by the suppliers. Making decisions concerning the direction to take the company and adjust the grids accordingly is another point to consider as the grids change and the technology advances.

The largest challenge in implementing the use of smart grids would be the initial cost that comes with the programming. Who is going to cover the cost of each of the smart meters as they are installed in homes? Individuals that are able to cover the $250-$500 meter are likely able to afford the rising energy costs, this technology is needed for those who struggle to pay high electrical bills or can't afford the energy efficient appliances. Outside of the cost there are some individuals that are fighting the use of smart grids and the accompanying meters because of the amount of information they gather from the households use of energy, complaining that it is intrusive and an invasion of privacy that every individual is entitled to. There are other areas that would benefit from a "smart" delivery and monitoring system like water companies. If people could easily see how much water they use in a day I think it would drastically reduce the amount used during household tasks. I heard somewhere a number of years ago that the average person uses four gallons of water just brushing their teeth, that number is alarmingly high since this is something most people do twice a day. If you look at a family of four brushing their teeth twice a day for thirty days they could use up to nine hundred sixty gallons! I would love for my home to utilize the technology offered by the smart grid, realistically who doesn't like to save money? I am a full time college student who works part time and is the mother of an eleven month old little girl, I just recently purchased a new car and a home, while trying to save for a wedding, saving money is something that is very much needed and welcomed in my life. When I became a mom my priorities changed so spending less on my utilities would allow me to spend more on her and give me the chance to save money for things like college.

Proctor & Gamble entire business is built around brad creation and management, their strategy is based on product value, they have also found a way to successfully integrate idea from outside of the company which reduced the cost of research and product development. The relationship between a business strategy and collaboration and innovation needs to be strong and reinforced through communication. P & G are successful because their ability to adapt and change when needed, they look at every aspect of their company to identify weaknesses and strengths. When they began utilizing blogs over the ever popular email, it was resisted by many individuals because of the amount of work it created but it was an effective way to share information with people interested in the different topics. There was some changes their Microsoft products that incorporated voice transmission and instant messaging that unified the way everyone communicates. P & G started sharing internet searches and page bookmarks though Connectbeam, this was an effective way to interact and find information that colleagues may have used or needed to complete a



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