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Inside a Cult (journal Response)

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Essay Preview: Inside a Cult (journal Response)

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In response to: INSIDE A CULT (1) & (2)

Directed by: Eddie Stafford

I personally think that this video (National Geographic) documentary on a cult movement is very interesting. At the same time, the topic itself is very subjective to some people as it touches on religion, beliefs and someone's faith into account. For some people, this documentary might leave them in a state of peculiar predicament; but nevertheless, this documentary allows us to understand on the existence of cults and their reigning power.

From my point of view, a cult defines a group of people that shares a sacred ideology in which they are considered to be untrue, under the power of a charismatic leader. From the video itself, there is no doubt that Wayne Bent has a charismatic personality that actually led people in Strong City into believing that he's the Messiah. I personally think that his ideology doesn't make sense at all. In fact, which formal religion says that god forces a particular person to consummate or have sexual intercourse with a minor? Or Wayne's prophecy on the apocalypse which was predicted wrongly?

Fortunately for Wayne's case, his cult movement does not result in mass suicide unlike some cults movements around the world. For instance, the "Aum Shinri Kyo" (taken from: www.religioustolerence.org/dc_aumsh.htm) was a cult that has been originated from Japan; comprises of Buddhism and Christianity elements that proofed to be fatal.

I genuinely think that Wayne (Michael) has been more or less fouled by the harsh reality of life during his childhood days. His mother was killed when he was a toddler, he was also kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a homosexual at the age for 14 - These factors might contribute to Wayne's unwell being. Maybe by claiming he's the Messiah and breaking family ties of his devotees made him feel more important and less isolated?

In other words, cults around the world are identical in terms of worshipping the leader but it can come to different implications if the devotees do not have any control on self-will for themselves. It is the same as if you embrace an unknown teaching without knowing its history; a stranger is claiming your faith.



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