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Critical Thinking Response Journal

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Essay Preview: Critical Thinking Response Journal

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Critical Thinking Response Journal (In order)


  1. ““‘That’s not the way I meant it. You said ten minutes (of having eyesight). It’s having a thing and the loss I’m talking about’ ” (Frazier 9).
  2. “He tried to name which of the deadly seven might apply, and when he failed he decided to append an eighth, regret.” (Frazier 281).
  3. “I know I don't need him, but I think I want him.” (Frazier 244).
  4. “Marrying a woman for her beauty makes no more sense than eating a bird for its singing. But it's a common mistake nonetheless.” (Frazier 279).
  5. “The man had asked, Why do you want sheep? The wool? Meat? Monroe's answer had been, For the atmosphere.” (Frazier 31).
  6. “Inman's only thought looking on the enemy was, "Go home.” (Frazier 13).
  7. “Thinking: this journey will be the axle of my life.” (Frazier 71)
  8. “He had grown so used to seeing death . . . that it seemed no longer dark and mysterious. He feared his heart had been touched by the fire so often he might never make a civilian again” (Frazier 230).


  1. A blind newspaper salesman is speaking to Inman about why he would be okay with not getting his eyesight. Ever.
  2. Inman is thinking about all of the wrongs he has done and realizes all he could think of was regret.
  3. Ruby thinks that Ada does not need Inman but Ada thinks otherwise saying she does.
  4. The old woman who lives alone in the woods speaks to Inman of his thoughtlessness towards m marrying Ada. Yes, it is true he doesn’t really know Ada for her personality. All he knows her for is her beauty.
  5. Monroe, Ada’s father and the preacher of the small town, was buying sheep for the reason of the atmosphere.
  6. While part taking in the war, Inman’s head and heart was in his home town Cold Mountain.
  7. Whilst on the way back to Cold Mountain, Inman believes this journey will define his life.
  8. After being a part of the Civil War, death was no longer a scare for Inman.


  1. At the end of the novel, Inman was only able to stay with Ada for a small amount of time before being shot and killed. So, the blind man’s inference was a foreshadow.
  2. Though he had so much regret in her heart, he pressed on strong.
  3. Ada waited patiently and got what she wanted.
  4. For an old woman who lives alone in the forest, she is indeed morally wise.
  5. Majority of the time, sheep’s wool is pure white; it becomes occasionally dirty if they are not cleaned.
  6. You would think while being in something as serious as a war would cause you to be more concentrated on what’s in front of you rather than what is behind you.
  7. A lot of times, people do not pick just one thing to define their lives.
  8. Death can be scary to anyone but this is a form of PTSD!


  1. The blind man does not have to see to get a glance at life.
  2. He is very persistent.
  3. They always say every woman needs a man in her life.
  4. Inman did not really “know” Ada personality wise.
  5. Maybe purity is the way Monroe was going.
  6. He is very homesick.
  7. He believes this is the height of his life.
  8. He no longer fears death.

Personal Connection

  1. Having something so valuable and so precious for only a small amount of time can indeed be very hurtful if you only have it for a small amount of time, whether you know it or not.
  2. I do have a lot of regrets so far in my life but they will not take over my heart and consume me into darkness because I know there is more in life besides having regrets.
  3. I have always been told that good girls get what they want and yes it might sound a little stuck up but it is not. Girls who are honest and patient a lot of times do get that they want.
  4. A lot of times while in school I see/meet guys I find to be cute and  I will always say they are cute until I get to know them. Sometimes their personalities are nothing but trash or as sweet as a honey-suckle.
  5. I like to wear white clothing because of the cleanliness and the kind of pureness of the color.
  6. While in school, my mind always draws away from my work and onto what I am going to do or eat when I get home.
  7. I somewhat feel like my teenage years going into my young adulthood years might be the “axel” of my life.
  8. After having many close encounters with death, I can say it is indeed a very chilling thing to experience.


4. Do men these days only marry for beauty?

5. Atmosphere?



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