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Integrated Marketing Communications

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Essay Preview: Integrated Marketing Communications

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Integrated Marketing Communications

Positioning Assignment

First semester / First Half - 2018/2019

Riccardo Bugatti, 34228

First Campaign: Nike – Born Mercurial

Overview of the campaign: In February 2018 Nike decided to launch a campaign for the 20th anniversary of one of the most iconic boots in football: Mercurial. The campaign consists in: a video posted on youtube (that today reached 8 million views), new designs in some nike stores, Instagram stories posted by football players sponsored by Nike and billboards. In the video we can see some of the most famous players at the moment (Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Kylian Mbappe, Marco Asensio) wearing the new boots and playing football.


Target Audience (to): Teens and early twenties men that are soccer enthusiasts and like being cool/stilysh (Brand loyals, Favorable brand switchers) and professional footballer.

Frame of reference (brand or category need): Nike is centrally positioned, because it is one of the sport wear brand leaders together with Adidas.

Consumer as the hero: Mercurial are made for people that are born Mercurial and can help these people reaching their potential when playing football.

Point of difference (that offers): makes the user faster and stylish when wearing the boots (social approval).

IDU model:

I –  Men want to reach their potential when playing football (incomplete satisfaction) and be stylish (social approval)

D – Men believe in Mercurial innovative technologic to make you faster as Nike is the best brand in football boots and has always been an innovative brand

U – Nike is centrally positioned, delivering the central benefit and being the major brand in the category

Nike offers to the customer a product that is innovative and fashionable. People also buy the Mercurial boots for social approval as some of the most famous footballer are in the video.

Using the a-b-e model:

Attribute (a) – What the product has – the product has an innovative technology that increase your performance when playing

Benefit (b) – What the buyer wants – customers want to reach their potential when playing football

a -> b

Benefit (b) – What the buyer wants – Social approval by friends and other people.

Emotion (e+) – What the buyer feels – Feels accepted by the society by wearing fashionable shoes that are also worn by famous footballer.

b -> e+

Reason to believe (why): Nike is one of the most important brand for sport wear and sport shoes, especially in football. Moreover great and famous players such as Ronaldo and Neymar are wearing the boots, so people trust them as they are the better football players in the world.

Advertising should:

Emphasize: The fact that wearing the boots you’ll be fashionable (social approval) a->e+

Must mention: entry ticket benefit of increasing your performance when playing a->b

Show/highlight: Famous footballer when playing in order to make people follow these influencers.

Second Campaign: Coca-Cola - Share a Coke

Overview of the campaign: In the year 2012, Coca-Cola launched its ambitious digital media campaign named ‘Share a Coke’. The campaign was first launched in Australia in 2012. Coke rolled out the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign through various channels like newspapers, TV commercials, billboards as well as an element of experimental marketing where customers could custom their own bottles. The main success was attributed through the digital platform, because each bottle mentioned the hashtag #shareacoke, in order to pursue users to share bottles with their names on social media.



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