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Internet of Things

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Essay Preview: Internet of Things

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AUGUST 24, 2018




Internet of Things is an object that can be used by the internet. For example, cellphones, headphones, wearable devices (apple watch) and other appliances. These appliances have an on and off switch that is used through the internet. Internet of Things are improving business as Forbes would say. In Forbes article it spoke on “3 Ways The Internet of Things Will Change Every Business”. The three key ways they believe would improve business is that it would “allow companies to make smarter products, enable smarter business operations and smarter decisions, and change of business model”. The way they believe Internet of Things would allow companies make smarter products is by the use of cellphones. Cellphones where used just for calling and is now used for way more than calling. In due time there would be more products that can be used with the method if Internet of Things, like alarm clocks, video surveillance and even coffee makers. By enabling smarter business operations and smarter decisions Internet of Things are like sensors, they send data into the clouds which helps businesses to collect feedback on products. Forbes believe that Internet of Things change models for some businesses. For an example Forbes explained that in 2012 data to equipment’s to help farmers know where to grow their crops. When dealing with Internet of Things, managers would need to know that “sensors will not live forever, your information is as good as your sensors, and data needs context”. Digital List Magazine explains that sensors do not live forever means that even sensors can die or slowly degrade. “Your information is as good as your sensors” means always have a backup data, never just rely on the Internet of Things. Managers need to know that “Data needs context” meaning Internet of Things is a boost for your company with the knowledge of yourself. The Internet of Things is definitely beneficial in today’s society, even though it is not something to always rely on, it’s still a good megatrend of the year.


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