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Is Love a Tender Things?

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Essay Preview: Is Love a Tender Things?

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A relationship is a link between two persons from different sexes. It connects people together in different ways such a dating, marriage and engagement. It involves respecting each other and building the trust between the couple. A strong relationship includes love, passion and emotions, but the course of true love doesn't always run smooth. Like William Shakespeare said, " Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks like thorn". He means a relationship could be affected by lots of problems. What are these problems? Nowadays, the number of divorced people is increasing caused by jealousy which is growing, by social classes which are spreading and by different ideologies between women and men which are expanding.

At first, jealousy is one of these problems affecting relationships. Although, the couple is crazy about each other, doubt kills the relationship and jealousy becomes the power and the dominant key of the relation. It breaks the trust wall between the couple and leads to fights and lovers' tiff. For example, some people hire a secret agent when they feel no trust with the other half. They feel so jealous that it could affect intimacy in the relation and it ends up increasing the idea of cheating and the idea of having a whim. Women demand more intimacy than men so they try to find it somewhere else, but men crave for sexual relationship when the relationship is fading, so they have short affairs.

In addition, different social classes could be a second problem in relationships. Sometimes, parents interfere in the relationship of their kids because some of them care about reputation and social classes and wont accept a relation between different social levels. For example, a rich family wouldn't accept her daughter to marry a normal guy from an ordinary family. Love for them is love for money and reputation. Also, the influence of gossip could affect a couple because they will hear rumors about their different social classes. It will cause problems for the couple but they should be stronger than the gossip of people.

Eventually, the misunderstanding and the different ideologies between the two genders could be an ordeal to the relation. This problem creates distances and spaces between men and women. It could be about different ideologies in religions, different way of living and other stuff. For example, women always try to understand men but they have different types of behavior and thought. Women need closeness more than men who demand distances when they come from work. Also, the family situation causes some issues such as money issues and children issues. They need to balance money because living in these days is hard and it is affecting some relations; but also problems are increasing in the way of raising children.

"Love is like a measles, we all have to go through it" said Jerome K. Jerome. Relationships have bumps; some of them



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