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Into the Future

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Essay Preview: Into the Future

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As a Nurse Anesthesiologist, I have been through eight years of school and two years of residency. I have worked my way to the top and I am very proud of my achievements. Throughout this long journey I have learned the hard way what to do and what not to do. But the least I can do is help others learn from my mistakes. I have a list of advice to help you be the best professional you can be.

Rule #1: Always have clear lines of ownership. Know exactly what you are supposed to do. If you do not know what exactly you need to do then patients will not be taken care of properly causing major problems within your profession. Rule #2: Always have your act together. You can't know everything, but what you can know try to know it well. Some things will happen unexpectedly. You have to be ready and prepared for anything.

Rule #3: Under promise, over deliver. You will always come out on top. Be expected to do your best but your best can always be better. Do not have low expectations for yourself. If you have high expectations then it will pay off later on in life. Rule #4: Never make yourself dispensable. If you do you will not have job security.

Rule #5: Credibility is king. Period. You have to be able to be trusted within your work place. Loyalty is the number one trait to carry. Your coworkers have to be able to have trust in you in order to count on you as a coworker. You should be able to rely on each other in everything that you do within your profession. If you work together your overall job will be better.

Rule #6: Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. You can teach anyone anything, you can never teach right attitude. You have to love your job to do it right. With a bad attitude it will affect every aspect of your job causing coworkers to despise you and mangers to realize that they are better off without you. This is one of the most important rules: have a, not only good, but GREAT attitude and eventually it will work in your favor.

Rule #7: If you find yourself in a hole the first thing to do is stop digging. Do not make the situation worse; just stop where you are. Try to make things better not worse. Rule #9: At the end of the day always remember that it's just a job. Do not let your job get in the way of your family. Family is the most important thing. When you go home to your family you shouldn't be thinking or stressing about your job.

Rule #10: Pick something you enjoy and stick with it. Throughout college if you keep changing your major you will be going to school for centuries. Once you start college you should know what you love to do the most and that is what your professional field should be. If you are not interested in the field you are studying then you shouldn't be studying that field. It is very easy to not be interested in anything because it is school and nothing in school is "fun" or "interesting". To be successful you have to



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