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Iranian Revolution

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The Iranian revolution took place during the late 1970's. It was at this time that the Iranian people turned against the shah. It was also when the Ayatollah a, "Muslim leader"(Doc. 2) led the people of Iran in a rebellion against the shah. The Ayatollahs ability to win the support of the Iranian people was critical to his revolutionary movement.

The Iranians turned against the shah because they did not like the way the shah was ruling. The shah, "wanted closer ties with the United States" (Doc. 1) which was, "a goal not shared by all Iranians." (Doc.1.) The Iranians also did not like the shah because, "they did not consider the shah to be their legitimate ruler." (Doc. 4) In addition, they believed him to be, "a puppet of the U.S. government." (Doc. 4)

There were many tactics the Ayatollah used in order to win over the Iranian people. The Ayatollah said that he would, "implement human rights." (Doc. 3) He also promised the Iranians more freedom. Another tactic he used was turning more people against the shah by stating that the shah, "oppressed people" and that the shah (Doc. 2) There are many images of him surfacing all throughout the world. One of these images is a mural, which is located, "in a busy Tehran Street" (Doc. 2) where many people pass by and see everyday.

This revolution against the shah would not have been possible without the support of the Iranian people. The Ayatollah was able to gain their support and became the main leader behind the whole rebellion. Other documents that would have been helpful would have been ones that dealt with the daily life of the Iranian people under the shah and during the revolution. Lastly, it would have been useful to have information from the Iranians point of view.



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