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Iranian Revolution

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The Iranian government ruled by Mohammed Reza Pahlavi was overthrown by a revolution in 1979. Iran was a country that had grown economically and was brought into the 20th century by the Pahlavi dynasty. They had become westernized and left behind the 13th century mindset of the Muslim ideals.

The Shah of Iran faced a lot of opposition by the clergy and spiritual leaders that were against the western ways and modernization of Iran. A spiritual leader by the name of Ayatollah Khomeini led the revolution and forced the Shah of Iran into exile. He was able to win the elections by a landslide and begin his decades of oppression and forcing Iran back into the 13th century, back into a time where women had to cover themselves with veils and had very limited rights. Returning to a time where having four wives was acceptable and a time where human rights no longer existed.

Executions became everyday life and fear was among all citizens daily. A government that allowed executions without a court system and home invasions were everyday events. Blood was shed through the cities and country sides as the government was able to establish its power and ruled with an iron fist.

Although the Pahlavi dynasty was not a perfect monarchy, and the King's court was corrupt, and Savak, the secret police, were committing horrendous crimes. It was no comparison to the events and blood shed by the new government. This very religious group of leaders committed many crimes in the name of god.

A once prosperous country that had work for all its citizens and offered free schooling for their children is now in a great recession, and the unemployment rate is at its highest with no end in sight for a better tomorrow.

It has been 30 years of oppression for this country that had come a long way and had become a great ally for the United States. Now, Iran is only an enemy of the west and a country with no hope for the future.



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