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Islam - Its True Teachings

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Islam is a religion of peace- a sentence that many people have started to debate on over the last decade. people now a days argue that Muslims are not a peace-loving nation instead they are terrorists who are trying to wage war across the world by doing terrorist activities everywhere and that's where they drag in Islam by stating that they are doing so because that is what there religion teaches them. Islamic teachings had never ever encouraged bloodshed and war nor have true Muslims. there are extremists found in every religion and country but that does not prove that the people who belong to that country or religion are all bad.

among the fundamental teachings of Islam is that of encouraging peace and love. Islamic teachings promote the message of human rights. Most of the early Muslim converts, during the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and the Caliphs after him, converted to Islam because they were impressed by it's teachings and not because they were forced to do so.

Islam ask of its followers to be honest, truthful, humble, forgiving, merciful, kind and loving. the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) himself had set extraordinary examples of all the above mentioned virtues and all his teachings and that of the Muslim's Holy book Quran, urge the Muslims to contain in them these virtues.The Holy Prophet was so forgiving that, for instance, on the occasion of Conquest of Mecca he forgave all the Quraishites who had persecuted and tortured him inhumanly for spreading the message of Islam. Not only these virtues are taught by Islam but it asks repeatedly to it's followers to fulfill human rights so much so that Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) himself declared the 'Huqooq ul Ibaad' i.e rights of creation to be more important than 'Huqooq Ullah' i.e rights of God.

Islam gives its followers an entire way of life and it's teachings are not against peace in any nor does it ask it's believers to forcefully make non-Muslims convert although it does welcome everyone albeit of their religion to make full use of it's teachings contained in the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet. And as for the people who claim themselves Muslim terrorists are not doing anything according to the teachins of Islam and I would suggest everyone to read Islamic books and history rather than forming a false impression about Islam just because of a few people who are trying to demote it!



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