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True Love Waits

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True Love Waits

"Your body is not a toy for your boyfriend to play with. It's a gift for your husband on your wedding day", Father Bobby Roxas, Don Bosco, Philippines..

Currently there are six billion people in the world and more to come. With the advancement of technology, promiscuity among teenagers increases as well. The place of morality and old beliefs in society shrinks. Abstinence is just a word in the dictionary for teenagers but it is the best defense they could use to prevent stress, sexually transmitted diseases, overpopulation, and immorality.

Virginity is sacred and must be preserved. The church's teaching about abstaining from sex before marriage is for our own redemption and dignity. Disregarding the Bible's teachings about saving oneself from sinning jeopardizes the life after this life. Putting your self-satisfaction first before your values does not make you a virtuous person. Saving sex for marriage can prevent you from comparing your husband to someone else and vice versa. Sex is a wonderful act that must be performed with love and not lust. Abstinence is hard to maintain, but it is worth it. Abstinence requires strength to say no to temptations. If you are a virgin, you are like a unicorn. You are unique and rare to find. Daring to be different is doable. Currently teen celebrities are creating a trend of having a purity ring. Purity ring is accompanied by a vow of staying a virgin until marriage. Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato are few of teen celebrities who wears purity rings. Saving your virginity for the "right one" will make you feel accomplished when you get married.

In committing premarital sex, women are always the losers. Men do not care because they have nothing to lose. Lust is often mistaken for love. We all have the right to love, but we can love without lust. Pure love while being a teen can be the sweetest feeling and has a greater chance of leading to marriage, which should be the goal of every relationship. Present actions indicate the future.

It is easy to take off your clothes and have sex, but opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams is truly being naked. Television commonly bombards people with sexually explicit messages. Rated R movies are less common and reality shows depicts that sex is part of the norm. There is no doubt that television is one of the great tools that influence the youth. The provocative contents that the youth see in television is what they copy, and at times it triggers them to be sexually active. The internet is another source for sex related materials. Cyber sex is spreading and porn can be an addiction that is hard to stop. Drugs and alcohol abuse adds to the tools that heighten promiscuity. Parental control over teens is very much needed when teens are 15-18 years old. This is the time when teens are maturing and they are entering adolescence. They often make mistakes because they misjudge the world; thus, parent guidance is a must. Schools must also educate the youth mandatorily about the dangers of their actions, particularly when it comes to sex. To save the future older adults should take steps in preventing teens from having sex before marriage.

Teen childbearing costs U.S. taxpayers an estimated $7 billion each year for increased welfare, food stamps, medical care, incarceration and foster care costs, as well as lost tax revenue due to government dependency. Pregnancy can be a gift and a burden. If teens accidentally and successfully get pregnant, abortion is not supposed to be an option according to the Bible. Teens must



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