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Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc

The Maid of Lorraine, Joan the maid, the Maid of Orleans, Jeanne d'ark, Joan of Arc the Maid of Heaven, Maid of France, Saint Joan etc. Joan was a major part of French history. She is said to have been born in Domremy, Champagne, France, on the 6th January 1412 into a family of five and (is said to have) died in Rouen, France 19 years later (1431), on the 30th of May.

The Maid of Lorraine started to hear voices that instructed her to liberate France from the English. Because of these voices at 17 she led an army and had a one year military career and wore mens clothes, which was something that women did not do in the Dark Ages. She had many victorious moments during her career, including the breaking of a 100 year war in which ended in 7 short weeks under her lead.

She was captured then sold to the English and she was accused for hearsay by the Pope. Although many people believed in her she was burned at the stake by the ecclesiastical court. As she was dieing she requested for a crucifix to be held eye-level in front of her. Her heart and lungs remained (which was believed to be a miracle then) so her body was burnt twice more and her ashes thrown in a river. Her trial was later examined and she was found to be innocent, her death was a great injustice. She was beatified in 1869 by a Bishop of Orleans and made a Saint in 1920.



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