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Job Portal Case

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In the light of the above findings in this study, the following conclusions were derived:

1. The developers of Municipality of Binmaley then conclude that to describe the existing process used by the Municipality there is a need of data gathering through series of interviews with the appropriate personnel. Job seekers' and employers' relevant information requirements need to be given emphasis since these serve as the foundation of the Job Portal for Municipality of Binmaley.

2. The features incorporated in the Job Portal for Binmaley is centered on the job hunting of job seekers and job advertising of employers. Other extra features such as posting of announcements and articles related to job hunting are also helpful to both job seekers and employers giving them essential facts. Links to other existing job portals is also a useful tool in helping job seekers find job vacancies.

3. In addition to this, security of the job portal system is also implemented by means of a login account, setting password and implementing security in the front end and back end of the website. The security features shall be strictly implemented by the site administrator only.

4. The developers also conclude that the results of the acceptability testing of the Municipality of Binmaley Job Portal have been proven User Friendly and Functional in terms of information, navigation, design and functionality.


On the basis of the findings and conclusions of this study the following are hereby recommended:

1. Uploading of Video resumes

2. Classifying of job applicants according to job specifications.

3. Improved the security features being integrated in the system.

4. Online Interviewing through webcam or applications such as Skype.



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