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Bible Case - the Book of Exodus, Leviticus, Ruth, Job and Jonah

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Essay Preview: Bible Case - the Book of Exodus, Leviticus, Ruth, Job and Jonah

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The book of Exodus is mainly narrative material. Some key themes and events include Moses leading the children of Israel to the Promised Land, an appearance of God, salvation and the covenant. In Exodus the Pharaoh was afraid of the Israelites becoming stronger than the Egyptians so he made every baby boy Israelite be thrown into the Nile River. Moses was born and hidden from the soldiers, but eventually found and raised by Pharaoh's daughter. Moses became a shepherd and married. Years later God appeared before Moses in a burning bush and had him return to Egypt for his people and deliver them to the Promised Land. Moses told Pharaoh God wanted him to let his people go, but Pharaoh refused until God sent plagues to punish him. God then parted the Red Sea for them to escape and closed it on the Egyptian army that tried to follow. Moses then led God's people into the wilderness. Moses had to teach the people God's laws (the Ten Commandments.) Although Moses taught God's people the laws, while Moses was away they worshipped a gold calf that Aaron made. God wanted to destroy the people but Moses asked him to forgive them. God did not destroy the people, and they worked two years to build a tabernacle to worship their one true God. Exodus focuses on God's people and their trials and tribulations to obey and worship God.


The book of Leviticus is mainly law. Some key themes and events include; consecratory, expiatory, and communal offerings. Sacrificial offerings took place in this book. Consecratory offerings were to dedicate a person or thing to God while expiatory offerings acknowledged sin and communal offerings celebrated thankfulness to God. The book of Leviticus is all about worship. At the end of Leviticus God promises to help Israel if they obey the laws. If Israel does not obey the laws God will ruin the Israelites. So long as the Israelites repent God will keep his promises to them. The end of Leviticus also states the laws. Chapter eighteen refers to the unlawful sexual relations and chapter nineteen is various laws such as; do not steal, lie, deceive one another, and so on. As the book goes on it tells the punishments for sin, reward for obedience, and punishment for disobedience.


The book of Ruth is largely narrative material. Some key themes and events include; kindness and prosperity. The book of Ruth begins with a famine in Bethlehem. Elimelech, Naomi and their sons moved to Moab. Elimelech died shortly after and Naomi was left with two sons. Once he sons were grown they married, but also died before Naomi. Once she was left with no family, Naomi then decided to return to her home land because she had heard God has blessed them with food, and Ruth (her daughter in law) went with her. Ruth refused to leave her mother



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