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Kudler Fine Foods Case Study

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Essay Preview: Kudler Fine Foods Case Study

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Service Request SR-kf-001

Kudler Fine Foods' strategic plan includes a project for the creation of loyalty program, which will utilize discount coupons to entice loyal customers to continue shopping with Kudler Fine Foods. This project will require the services of a Project Manager (PM) and a Systems Analyst (SA) to see it through. In the following Team C will detail the requirements that are required by each of candidates as well as detail the requirements

The role of a Project Manager entails more than just giving direction to employees. A PM is someone that is relied upon to handle technical issues and scheduling conflicts as well as provide answers to those daunting questions that senior management poses. In order to fulfill the essential role of a PM at Kudler Fine Foods the selected candidate will execute the following duties:

- "Has introductions with key prospects and retained clients; explains what his role will be in their project" (Peterson, 2010)

- Formulates questions that pertain to the design of technical matters

- Handles writing up purchase orders for supplies and their associated costs

- Coordinates the scheduling of all projects

- Ensures that deliveries are made to the proper location on time

- "Monitors progress and gross profit of the job" (Peterson, 2010)

- Advises upper management of the completion of projects and schedules review of the completed product

The PM must be well versed in order to comply with the aforementioned job description duties. Therefore, the selected candidate should be educated and possess previous job experience. Acceptable education for the PM would be a Bachelor's Degree in Project Management (BSPM), but a Master's Degree in the discipline is preferred. Kudler would also accept a PM with a BSPM coupled with some business administration completed course work. Also, acceptable will be a candidate with a Project Manger Professional (PMP) certification and extensive experience in Project Management. Experience requirements would include no less than 5 years, the capability to produce substantial amounts of business, and the ability to execute, monitor, and control a project. Additionally, the PM must have experience with soft skills such as the ability to communicate effectively on all levels, use a computer and navigate through multiple software programs, and being able to pay attention to detail. The importance of possessing the specified requirements is so that the PM will be able to handle the circumstances that surround such a demanding position. Furthermore, the PM must be able to multi-task all while keeping up with a demanding schedule.

The Systems Analyst role is to organize the programming for the company. "It is his job to collect pertinent facts concerning informational needs and analyze them to define his objective" (Norwood, 2001). The job description for Kudler's System Analyst will require the following:

- Devises a plan for well-organized data flow

- Capable of implementing a computer process that becomes practical information

- The ability to analyze time and complete marketing forecasts

- Keep a log of and track times that equipment is not working or down

- "Makes a mathematical model of the situation to provide quantitative data for a solution" (Norwood, 2001)

Kudler will only employ a System Analyst who has obtained an undergraduate degree in Information Systems. Simply being a seasoned Microsoft Access user who is familiar with quarries and converting databases will not be considered. Acceptable experience for this position will require someone who has at least 2 years of programming experience. Kudler would like to make sure that the hired analyst will be educated enough and have enough previous experience so that they will not need too much time to become acclimated with obtaining company objectives. Soft skills that the System Analyst must possess closely mimic that of the PM. The analyst should be able to communicate well, have the knowledge to navigate through software programs, and have a keen eye for detail.

Project Outputs

The program will utilize user information and their purchasing behavior to create discount coupons in order to entice future purchases. The system will have an interface that will run on the point of sale terminals, which will collect users information as they sign up for the program. This interface will capture pertinent information about the user including Name, address, phone number, email address. Once the



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