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Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Matters

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Essay Preview: Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Matters

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Marketing Matters

Dave Brown

University of Phoenix

BSA 502

John Neels

07 June 2009

Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods, owned by Kathy Kudler, is a sole proprietorship now operating in three locations. Kudler Fine Foods is a small local business, so Kathy is not too concerned with global marketing issues. Kudler's focal point now is to increase efficiency and customer loyalty through various marketing techniques.

Marketing Matters

Existing Proposals

Kudler Fine Foods has enjoyed considerable growth and is now shifting their attention towards superior service. Focusing on efficiency and consumer purchasing cycles will enable them to boost profitability and retain loyal customers. Kudler has three ideas to enhance consumer loyalty and increase profitability: 1) Expanding Services, 2) Frequent Shopper Program, and 3) Increased Efficiency. Throwing in-store parties and tracking purchasing behaviors will lead to higher revenues while employee training programs and newer software will lead to increased efficiency for all locations.

Kudler is concentrating on Customer Relationship Management, (CRM) which allows them to meet and go beyond the needs of their customers. Taking initiatives such as research, development and implementing new programs, holding cooking classes, and rewarding customers with frequent buyer points will accomplish CRM goals.

Incorporating the Four P's

The four P's of marketing; product, price, place and promotion should always be covered in order to adequately please customers. Newer products have been and are always being developed at Kudler Fine Foods. Products at Kudler are analyzed in order to determine what is purchased most often and profit margins of frequently bought goods. The price is appropriate as customers keep returning and it has allowed Kudler to open newer locations. Kudler centers on value added services instead of discounts. The places they operate are bringing in revenues and getting newer customers, so they are improving current locations for now and may expand geographically later. Kudler is currently directing their marketing towards the last of the four Ps, promotion.

Promotion is how Kudler lets potential customers become aware of their wonderful products. There are many ways Kudler can spread word of their products. One approach is through marketing communications. Kudler is currently using radio, newspaper and television ads to promote their business. In addition, Kudler uses public relations and sponsors activities and events to help their business continue to grow.

Another way Kudler promotes is through marketing research. Marketing research involves finding prospects and oppositions in Kudler's market. Kudler is looking at their market size, food marketing trends, and services benchmarking to find any opportunities available to them. Kudler is implementing higher-margin services and analyzing consumer purchasing patterns to reach their objectives. Kudler would benefit from looking at secondary data, saving time and money. Then they can do some additional research, or primary data, through their customer



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