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Kudler Fine Foods - Sales Function Paper

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Essay Preview: Kudler Fine Foods - Sales Function Paper

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Sales Function Paper

Kudler Fine Foods is a neighborhood up-market specialty food store with the most excellent domestic and imported fares. They currently have three locations in the San Diego metropolitan area, La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. The stores consist of about roughly 8,000 square feet of retail space in the most stylish of shopping centers. Their selection includes the finest cheese, wine, fresh produce, pastry products, meats, seafood, and condiments. As in most organizations, Kudler's management team must ensure that nonsale business functions and sales functions work together. This paper will discuss how non-sales business functions affect the sales functions of Kudler and how the sales functions of Kudler are affected by other nonsales business activities. The paper will also discuss how the functions within Kudler work toward meeting the organization's strategic objectives.

Nonsales Business Functions

Nonsales business functions make up a big part of Kudler Fines Foods. Nonsales functions include "the mental and or physical effort of employees and can take a variety of forms including filing, lifting, data processing, decision making, and line management" (Learn Management2, n.d., para. 4). Basically, nonsales functions are any task or effort done by an employee to generate the product or service. Examples of the non-sale business functions in Kudlers are the people of stock the shelves, the cleaning team, the accountants, the CEO, the delivery trucks, and the list goes on. The nonsale business functions of Kudler are what keep the company afloat. They affect the sales functions by providing the organization with well organized, safe, presentable products. The nonsale business functions are what bring in the customers in the first place. These functions permit Kudler's sales team to increase their sales and helps Kudler to maintain repeat customers.

Sales Functions

The success of a company depends on each function and the specific role they play. "Sales are responsible for persuading the consumer to purchase the end product. The Sales Department's selling strategy could involve mail-shots, travelling sales representatives, telephone sales and devising the sales interview" (Learn Management2, n.d., para. 16). The sales department of Kudler's role is to sell the correct product to their customers to increase revenue, and reach the sales goals described in the strategic plan. The nonsales functions have a big effect on the sales function. As stated earlier, the nonsales functions are everything that goes on in the background that a customer may not see. This in turn makes Kudler's sales team job much easier by having products in order, fully stocked, prices in order, store clean, etc. For example, Kudler's cleaning team make sure the stores are spick



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