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Life of the Women

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It takes a boy to be a dad, but it takes a MAN to be a FATHER. While you're sitting there in your seats listening to this, this could happen to you someday. Imagine you have a child (and if you do go along with this), Imagine that you get pregnant (or find out you are having a baby if your male) and that you are with what you think will be the love of your life. Until you find out that say the man wants nothing to do with you anymore and leaves you. There you are stuck raising your child by yourself. Then you find someone that wants to be with you for the rest of your life, and they want to adopt your child. You are now stuck because the child's DAD is nowhere to be found and you can't go any further with this.

Now here is the problem in the state of Indiana according to ParentalRights.org the only way the new husband can adopt the child is if the dad signs an agreement to it. Also according to Wikipedia less than twenty percent of the parents out there actually lose their parental rights. Which if he is behind on child support or has had absolutely no contact with the child then I believe I have come up with a solution to all the women's problems out there.

I believe that if a man or woman wants nothing to do with their child/children then they should be stripped of their rights. From what I have discussed earlier now would be the great time for all of us woman/men out there to step up and be able to take responsibility for what goes on with our children. If the parent hasn't paid child support or had any contact with the child after six months then don't you think they should get their rights taken. I know the survey I pasted around was pretty much split down the middle, but for those of you who disagreed with this, I think you should change your mind for the simple fact of what if this happened to you. What if your child's mother or father walked out and you found someone else to have a happy little family with. Then you would agree? So why not now?

Back to the quote I said at the beginning "It takes a boy to be a dad, but it takes a MAN to be a FATHER." Is completely true because anybody can go out and lie in bed and have a child, but who are the ones that stick around and love you and your child and don't want anything else but you guys and will do anything for the child. It'



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