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Likeable and Unlikeable Qualities of the South

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Essay Preview: Likeable and Unlikeable Qualities of the South

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Likeable and Unlikeable Qualities of the South

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The south is a region in the United States of America. It is also referee to as the American South or Southern United States. The South is a region with about eleven states with major cities, which are heavily populated. The South has numerous qualities that are both likeable and unlikeable.

There are so many qualities that make me like the South. One of them is the dialect with which people speak. The language of the people living in the South is different from other regions in the United States (Nagle &b Sanders, 2003). The accent, which is known as 'twang' or 'drawl', is beautiful to hear and speak, as well. The language is only used casually and not formally.

The colorful landscapes and the warm climate are also what make me like the South. The region has several natural, beautiful landscapes that offer a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, rafting, caving, rock or mountain climbing and many other outdoors activities. The climate, which is warm in summer, allows people to enjoy themselves especially in the sandy beaches (Mark, 2004). The winter season has several activities too such as hiking.

The place has the best food such as Cornbread baked in a cast-iron skillet, grits, fried okra and many others, which makes its cuisine unique. The coastal side of the South has diverse unique culinary traditions such as Cajun food and the Crawfish. The unique food is one of the reasons why I like the South.

What I dislike about the south is the racism issue. The people in the region have racist issues, which makes people not to live in peace. The racial prejudice is from both whites and blacks (Mark, 2004). The blacks think that the white people owe them because of the past events during colonization. The whites, on the other hand, feel that the black people are subordinate, as well as inferior to them because they were once slaves. Because of these misunderstandings which lead to racism, the whites and blacks disagree on many issues.

In conclusion, the South is a lovely place to live because of its qualities.


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