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Bmw Convertible Quality Study

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BMW is very famous company and BMW cars are very popular. The question is why BMW is a very successful company? What is the secret of that? There are many answers: BMW has good engineers, management group and company very organized.

One of important reason of BMW cars success is that its products have good quality.

One of BMW concern is producing safety cars and without any defect. To achieve that BMW excused a straight quality assurance and quality control program. What are the aspects of this program and what are their tools?

BMW convertible quality process

BMW starts monitoring quality from assembly line. This figure shows that

This figure proofs that in each team work there are a quality assurance manager. Because, they are aware that the cost of quality assurance during the production is lower than the cost of quality control when production finished.

Another aspect of quality assurance is using Mobil Optical 3D System. This device helps the team to detect at an early stage the trend and deviation in production.

In some models of BMW convertibles roof modules assembly is very sensitive task. For that, BMW used mobile optical TRITOP system to ensure that this process perform well and to monitor distortion-free installation of the convertibles hardtop modules, the quality of the seals and uniform gaps.

In production of convertible cars the assembly bracket is very crucial. Uniform gap and flush of the seals relative to one another must also be achieved. For this reason

two operatives connect the six brackets (three on the right and three on the left))

to the body using a roof jig see figure above. (Continuous position control of the pins, threads and holes in the brackets is necessary to guarantee consistent quality in the respective assembly process of particular importance here is the ability to intervene in the respective assembly process of particular importance here to intervene in the assembly process quickly and selectively as soon as unacceptable deviations are detected.



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