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Macbeth Thesis Paper

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Macbeth Thesis Paper

Trying to become a great king, Macbeth, a Scottish general and the thane of Glamis is led to wicked thoughts by prophecies of the three witches and becomes a horrible person. He sets himself up for failure as his life goes on living lie after lie trying to cover up the terrible things he's done to climb to the top. Macbeth harms friends and the most loyal to him for something not even worth the trouble and shame he's brought upon himself when it was possible that he would get his chance to become powerful without cheating his way there. He hurt himself and many others. Macbeth is a tragic hero; one who causes death, grief, and destruction which is all that is required to a tragedy.

The 3 witches' prophecies took a major toll of Macbeth's life. Without their words, Macbeth would have lived his present with no worries about his future. They told him he would be the Thane of Cawdor, Glamis, and the king of Scotland. Macbeth believed them at every word they told and soon ruined his own life trying to become what was envisioned by 3 people who knew nothing about him. Macbeth pictured himself with power and eventually tried to do anything to get on top by killing, lying, and ruining his life. The three witches were a part of the reason Macbeth became curious in the power he could receive and the things he could conquer, cause him to become a tragedy.

Macbeth's wife, Lady Macbeth, also made an impact on the life Macbeth tried to partake in. Lady Macbeth's convinces him to do his first killing. Talking down upon him, calling him a coward, and things that viewed him as a little girl got to him. As soon as she said go, he did. Lady Macbeth wanted to kill Duncan on her own but couldn't because he reminded her of her father. Although she did not show it often, she did care. Lady Macbeth said the right words to get her husband to do it. After Macbeth had killed King Duncan he regrets doing walking down the stairs with the bloody weapons in shock of the dirty mission he just accomplished. After Macbeths first murder, his first lie, and his first step to power, he continues it all constantly trying to cover up what he has done or said in the past. Lady Macbeth was her husband's motive. She got him to do anything but soon she no longer had to say a word, he became good at killing but most of all good at being a tragic hero. Macbeth

Macbeth made himself a tragic hero. He let power get the best of him wanting more after he had already received something good. Macbeth knew that what he was doing was wrong but soon became mad and obsessed with not just a step closer to conquering all that was envisioned but a step closer to becoming a pro at lying, cheating his way to the top, and killing the ones in his way.

I see Macbeth as a tragic hero because his life was what he made it. He wanted power but on his way, he wasn't just ruining



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