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Magdalena Yesil Assignement

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Essay Preview: Magdalena Yesil Assignement

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  • How did Magdalena Yesil's habit of lifelong learning benefit her career?

As she was willing to keep learning, she was able to acquire new skills and abilities. This provider her with the capability to adapt to changes and to face new challenges and new employment positions or even become an entrepreneur.

  • If you were in Yesil's position, how would you respond to the offer made by USVP?

This is a hard question to answer because we have been educated with a perspective that we will be successful once we are hired for a large firm or because we are partners in an important company. Nevertheless, being an entrepreneur in my opinion is more satisfactory. Since I’m working with my own creation I can do things my own way. With this in mind and considering Yesil’s ability to create new companies, I would respond no to the offer made by USVP.

  • How would you address the challenges to family life that this kind of career would present to you? Why would you remain or not remain in this type of career?

I think I would face challenges to family life the same way I’m doing it right now. By placing God in the first place. I think that in any kind of career there will be challenges. But, in the gospel we may find solutions to any life challenge. At this point of my life I want to follow an entrepreneur career. One of the reasons for me pursuing this career is because I think I may involve my family. I want my children to learn how to entrepreneur as well now that they are young.

  • Magdalena pondered one more transition, from entrepreneur to financier. What would you recommend she consider doing? Why?

I would recommend her to continue in her entrepreneurial life. Because, she wasn’t sure ready to quit. She was feeling that at some point she would like to start another company. Also there was a chance that her ability to offer high impact advice to fledgling companies as a recent practitioner would wane over tim



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