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Management Case

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Essay Preview: Management Case

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1) To The purpose of management is to try and achieve the company's goal by deciding how best to use the business's human, financial and material resources. The four major functions that management controls in a business are: planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

2) Production managers' ensure that their business makes the things it is supposed to make. They balance many activities, from arranging for raw materials to be processed into a finished product to packaging and storing that final product. They also have to arrange and coordinate plant maintenance, shift scheduling, machinery repair and technological improvements. Marketing managers try to ensure that what the company produces gets sold. They also develop strategies, which includes advertising, promotional activities and publicity. The accounting manager also called the comptroller is in charge of keeping records of the company's financial transactions and controlling the company's' money. The human resource management hires and fires people.

3) A short term goal for my ice cream stand that's in front of Barton Secondary in summer is to reach the weekly target of $700.00. A long term goal for the said ice cream stand is to increase sales by five percent in the next two months.

4) A company would pay to have an employee work for the United Way because these employees would help raise money for the United Way by talking to other companies and convincing them and their employees to make contributions. This would boost the company's reputation has being ethnical since it's helping to give back to give back to their community.

5) Companies organise their workers into teams to achieve higher levels of production at a faster time which also brings satisfaction to the employees since they get to socialize with their peers.

6) A time in my life that I worked hard was on the chapter four test in Math. There was a few things that motivated me like the weight factor was 11 so it was worth a lot of marks and I needed to do well to improve my average and my friend said I was going to do bad and I wanted to prove him wrong.

7) In my opinion, I manage myself just fine. I have set goals which hope to achieve by the end of semester one, one of which is to make the honour roll again. Every day I make a to-do list of things to do which consists of seven or fewer things. Majority of the time,



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