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Many Different Types of Families

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There are many different types of families, there are nuclear families, same sex parent families, families with pets and many more, all these families have a certain thing in common, at times they each experience difficulties within the family. Being part of a family can be difficult at times because of the lack of privacy and all the responsibilities individuals have. However, families can be beneficial and rewarding as they offer financial security to the member of the family and are a source of unconditional love and support.

Family life can be troublesome at times when you feel that your family is invading your personal space. These days it is a common occurrence in a household when members of the family feel that they have a lack of privacy. Growing up as a teenager, finding some time for myself seems almost impossible. Having to share a room with my sister means that we are constantly in the presence of each other when we are at home. Having some privacy while on the computer or on the phone is rare because of the constant awareness of my family on my whereabouts. The lack of privacy from the family is also highlighted through the character Gilbert in the film 'What's Gilbert Grape Eating?' Gilbert is trying to persue a romantic relationship with Becky but family interferes too much in Gilbert's life. Gilbert has hardly any time for himself after caring for his mentally disabled brother Arnie and working at 'Lamson's Groceries' to bring money home for the family. Life was evidently extremely difficult for Gilbert with the amount of privacy he had around his own home. Life can be difficult at times which is contributed to by the lack of privacy family comes along with.

Difficulties within families arise when members feel that have too many expectations from the family. In life people may feel that they are expected to achieve certain things in life, for example getting excellent grades in school. Having had my sister recently complete year twelve and achieving an excellent ATAR score, I feel that I am expected to do just as well. These expectations on family member often make life difficult for those with the expectations placed by those around them. In the film 'What's Gilbert Grape Eating?', Gilbert has many expectations placed on him. Gilbert is expected to earn money for the family to survive and be the primary caregiver of his disabled brother Arnie. Gilbert constantly had people telling him that hes 'got to do better' and Gilbert really was doing the best anyone possibly could.



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