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Marketing Mix - Heineken

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Applying the tool-Marketing Mix (4P) of Heineken has met, in a very efficient way, the needs of customers with products and reasonable prices, creating convenience for customers and how to reach the appropriate customers.

4.1. Product

Heineken is defined to be a product as a collection of physical, psychological and symbolic attributes that collectively yield satisfaction, or benefits, to a buyer or user. Taste and quality of Heineken never change wherever users enjoy in the world. Heineken which presents in Vietnam and all over the world has the same as the original beer processed in the Netherlands with the purest ingredients.

In physical, the styling and packing is very important for Heineken. "Packaging is a key element in Heineken's marketing and innovation strategy. New pack types create new consumption moments, build excitement around our brands, improve margins and higher volumes." (Heineken N.V., 2008). The styling and packing of Heineken show the creativity and innovation of Heineken.

4.2. Price

In Vietnam market, the price of a Heineken bottle is 15,000 VND. Many people believe that the price of Heineken is so expensive, but there are ideas that such price is reasonable. On the regular price of Heineken in the Vietnamese market, experts have studied and offer prices depending on the target markets which VBL wants to target, that are consumers with high income, so such price is in line with the target customers.

4.3. Place

The types of distribution of Heineken are quite diverse and convenient for consumers to buy. Consumers can buy Heineken anywhere, from wholesale dealers, retailers, from hotels and restaurants, shops, clubs, bars, etc. The company carries out activities so that products can reach the target customers with ease. In addition, the company must understand, select and link distribution channels, intermediaries to provide products to a target market effectively.

4.4. Promotion

In Vietnam, the promotional activities of Heineken are not as aggressive as in the world, but whenever a Heineken promotion launched always deeply impress with Vietnamese customers. So far, Heineken has focused on funding for sports (especially tennis), modern music and cinema - areas to serve the needs of entertainment and relaxation for everyone. In Vietnam, since 1997, Heineken has sponsored "Heineken Challenger" tennis contest, an annual contest. Since 2003, Heineken has begun sponsoring the contest "Finding DJb music," an exciting contest for the young and enthusiastic one. In addition, the film is also an area Heineken has particularly concerned. In Vietnam, in October 2003, on every Tuesday evening, on Ho Chi Minh City TV channel (HTV7), Heineken brought to viewers the classic movies of the world, which is typical of the



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