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Marketing Mix on Liverpool

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Task 4 Marketing mix on liver pool.

I am going to apply the marketing mix 7p' on liver pool to attract the tourist come to Liverpool.

4.1 products

Liver pool offer different product for the visitor's .liver pool has a foot ball club for the children and it is very famous all over the world. The Water front is for families and also water front the UNESCO listed with its 'three graces'.

Birth places

Birth places are most charming for old people.


Parks attracts the middle age people and family as well.

Liver pool also smash hit as capital of culture in 2008 and it is more attractive place for tourist those how wants to know about the cultural of Europe.

4.2 prices

Accommodation cost is lower as compare to London, Ireland and France as well.

Because every tourist is thinking about the price before they are going to visit to any place.

The Liverpool hotel cost is low than London as we compare both of them in a detail, London is a very expensive city there hotel price is high, journey price is high as well and we you go to visit to museum, theatre parks and some other places you will pay more money on that things. On the other hand the prices in liver pool is low , we you visit to theatre ,parks, museum and arts gallery and we need to bring more tourist we have to give the everything on low price .



Liverpool has different paces to attract the customer.

Foot club

European culture

Water front

Art gallery



Liverpool has to attract the visitors and convince them our prices is low and we have to bring some special offer when you visit to different places .the main thing to do is when the tourist buy ticket to see the football match and the Liverpool has to offer them free ticket for theatre .This is more important to provide them good buses and other journeys facility.




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